Stately Play Decathlon 2019


RotF, SoS, IH, and the 3 promos


So so close!!! Really though, you deserved that. I was trying to figure out how to ice the game considering you had an incredibly economy set up!


Hey been in hospital since Friday night and don’t have Ascension on phone. Reception here is spotty. Probably home by Wed I hope.


@Snotty128 I’ve sent you a game invite. If you want to play different expansions, just send me back an invite with the ones you want to play.



I’m sorry, I’ve been in the dark for the past week or so and not able to come online very much. I don’t have ascension installed on any of my devices and it’s been years since I’ve played, so I’m open to whatever you guys want to do. I’m willing to buy any/all expansions…whatever you guys want to play.


I hope everything works out ok! No rush, and we can even start a new game later if you want… it’s just a game, get well soon!


Oh, I’m fine. Just busy with a bunch of real life crap (work is brutal right now as are my teenagers) and haven’t had time to write or check in on SP lately. I’m good to go, just a bit out of the loop


Good close game @baelnor.


Table 6:


I picked up Oziah just when the row was full of monsters and that was enough to turn the tide on my second to last turn. Good game @jason1002!


I just accepted your game invite, but maybe we should we restart with 28 day timer instead? I’d probably lose by timeout otherwise…


Table 4:
geigerm 74
@whovian223 62

Good game!


Great game! That 5-star Lifebound guy won you the game :slight_smile:


Yeah, he definitely did, especially in that round where I was able to copy his effect.


Table 7
JaneHatke 69
Mirefox 63
Good game.


Ok! I will forfeit and send out a new invite. @kennfusion I will do the same for you.


Since I finished my other Table 4 game, I’ll post the result:

@Codington 93
geigerm 66

Good game!


Narrow finish there- i was sure the game had got away from me when I wasn’t able to empty the honor pool. Good game, @irishdomer08


Table 7:

@Mirefox: 59
@feederofgoats: 77

Good Game!

Also, congrats to whoever gets to play me in any games this decathalon; I am terrible at games, apparently!


GG @Neumannium, I ended up winning 91-66, even though I felt like I was probably going to lose most of the time.


Table 4 games complete. A close one to finish up the matches:

That’s 1 win each (of course!) I believe the tie break from @Snotty128 goes like this:

@Codington +27
@geigerm +12
@whovian223 +8