Stately Play Decathlon 2019


@Neumannium and @SleepingGiant I have not been playing for a while. I have the top 2 rows CotG through DoC and Promo 1 - Promo 5


@JaneHatke and @feederofgoats I have most expansions and will buy any that I don’t have if you want to play them. I’ve heard the newest is fun, but I haven’t played it.


@kennfusion @Neumannium I have no expansions but can expand if there are some you recommend. Or is this a game where only the inviting player needs to have them?


I have most expansions as well. Willing to play any of them.


I am fine with just CotG


@JHTaube @JMH.75 I have all of the expansions, including the promos; will play with whatever you guys prefer.


Thanks @Mirefox - same goes for me too.


Table 1

@Snotty128, I’ll play whatever expansions you want.


@JaneHatke and @feederofgoats I am currently on vacation and doing a lot of hiking and fishing where there is no reception. If you wouldn’t mind, would each of you set up the games with me, please? I’ll take my turns when I can; I will be home Sunday and can play at a much more rapid pace, then. My game name is Mirefox.


@feederofgoats, what is your Ascension user name?


hello @irishdomer08 and @SpiceTheCat,
what expansion(s) would you prefer to play?


Sorry - confusingly on this one I’m goatfeeder. I’m on vacation as well at the moment so apologies if I’m a bit slow.


@js619 @JHTaube I don’t have any expansions. Do you recommend any?


Er. Well, as a complete newbie (3 games so far including the tutorial) I’ve bought the starter bundle which is RotF, SoS, IH, and the 3 promos, and I’m willing to be crushed in any combo :wink:


I like Dawn of Champions the best, but I could see the rally mechanic being overwhelming for someone who hasn’t played with it before… they’re all pretty good, imho.


@JammaTal and @SpiceTheCat

I’m up for whatever. Spice, what is your username in the app?


Table 6


I am SpiceTheCat (surprisingly :wink: ). Also surprised to remember my login.


@js619 @JHTaube I have bought the bundle. Please invite me with a setup you think it is best.


What’s in the bundle? Don’t want to create a game with something you don’t own