Stately Play Decathlon 2019


GG to @irishdomer08 and @SleepingGiant . A suitably cutthroat game of Carcassonne, just the way I like it.

Snotty128: 196
Irishdomer08: 179
SleepingGiant: 146

I pushed my luck and a managed to get a 50 point castle, despite sleepinggiants double Meeple hanging round making the place look messy. Irishdomer took out the 40 point field despite every man and their dog trying to get farmers on it. There might have been ten farmers and all 3 pigs on that field by the end of the game. Well played everyone.


A nice game of CC enough possibilities to annoy the other players :wink: Final score:
JMH.75 : 204
@whovian223 : 130
@JaneHatke : 107

Thx for playing!


Great game! I thought I was doing well near the beginning.

Then I…wasn’t.


Wow. A well played and enjoyable game. Final scoring looked like it was going my way… until the 50 point field I somehow failed to notice and get in on that both of my opponents shared! LOL

Great start to the tournament, even if the result wasn’t the best for me!


Thanks for the great game @Codington and @johnl!
Best of luck in the rest of the tournament!


Good game guys!


How’s table 7 getting on? ( @SpiceTheCat, @Neumannium, @feederofgoats )


We’re underway (just!)


Oh dear! How many tiles have you all got left to go? We may need to start the next game before your table is finished at this rate


Howdy all! Any updates? Do we know which game is next?


The next game up is ticket to ride.

Ive spoken to the players at the outstanding table and they are coming to a finish. It’s a public holiday here today so I doubt I’ll get the next set of tables written up today anyway. If the table hasn’t wrapped up by the time I’ve written up the next game, we will proceed with their current scores as a provisional placement.


And we are done, sorry for the delay all. Base game with river. Good game, @Neumannium and @feederofgoats


I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the TTR multiplayer lately. If you setup the game with a 15 day timer, once you get to having roughly 6 or less days left on your total remaining time you are at risk of being timed out and replaced by a bot at any moment. So the 15 day timer needs to be treated as a 9 day timer at best.

I would say that at least 2 or 3 turns per player per day will be needed to successfully complete a game.


exactly that had happened in one of our last games. so annoying!

25 updates in the last 2 years, and still so buggy. in fact many updates introduced more new bugs than fixing old ones.
only 3 stars appstore rating because of too many bugs.
i remember the times when only TTR Pocket had async gameplay.
no HD graphics and strange UI but at least playable.
can we have it back, please?


Do we replace it in the decathlon? I agree it is quite buggy. Can’t ever finish a game!


it’s a pity. shame on Asmodee!

i would really like to play the new France map. some interesting new ideas.


I’d like to play it too, but I am finding the multiplayer does seem to have some timeout quirks… @Snotty128 proposal: what if we move it down the list so we can do some friendly play tests and move to the next official game?


If the reports are that the game currently has game breaking bugs that prevent some games from completing, then we should can it and replace it with the game it beat in the vote, which I believe is Ascension. I think a 9 day timer is prohibitive for a significant number of our players.

Honestly TTR was going to be a pain in the arse from a matchmaking point of view anyway, as the lobby system needs everyone to be online at the same time.

Bear with me and I’ll write up the tables for ascension.


Sorry for the delay, that was unfortunate timing for that last game to come in while my Dad was in the country.

Let’s get this show back on the road.

Due to game breaking bugs in ticket to ride, our next game is Ascension. This is the first of our 2 player games and we are going to try something a little different. Each player at each table is going to play 2 games, one game for each opponent at the table. If more than one player at the table ends up with one win and one loss then the final standings will be determined by the points difference between the winning and losing scores. This should allow different pairs to play with different expansions and still allow a somewhat fair tie breaker.

Table 1


Table 2


Table 3


Table 4


Table 5


Table 6


Table 7


Please send invites amongst your table as you see fit. Feel free to add expansions by mutual agreement in each pair, although no one should feel the need to buy anything they don’t want to. Can the winner of each game please post the score of that game.

Good luck and have fun


I have all of the expansions and am happy to play with whatever @Codington @geigerm are good with.