Stately Play Decathlon 2019


I applaud your resolve to keep email off your phone.


Had to buy RftG, Brass and TTA…but I am in training mode!


Uh oh…take a look at al the recent reviews for Ticket to Ride. Apparently, the game is basically unplayable on the iPhone X and onward because of where they have moved he UI. It this something we need to keep an eye on since TTR is up next in our rotation?


Ooh, that’s not good news. They updated it 3 days ago but no mention of iPhone X in the patch notes. I’ll try to look into it.


It would only be an issue if someone is playing on an iPhone X I guess. I play on iPad, if anyone is on a iPhoneX and wants to test a game, send me a challenge.

On a side note, I downloaded Race for the Galaxy this morning, as my daughter had back to back swim lessons, so I had 2 hours to kill. Played through the tutorial (which was a little confusing) but once I started playing against the AI…I like this game.


Race is one of those funny games that seems a little confusing as you learn it, but once you’ve learned it you realize it is incredibly simple. The icons can make understanding a little rough, but the digital version alleviates that problem.


Ticket to Ride patched yesterday for iPhone X. So should not be a problem.


I’ve played Carcassonne hundreds of times on the table; I own every expansion. I haven’t played in a couple of years now, though, and it’s amazing how terrible I am at the game.


Hi @SpiceTheCat and @Neumannium - sorry for the late response. I’m only online intermittently at the moment due to the holidays. I’m happy to play with whatever expansions you like



First game of the Decathalon is complete. GG to both @Mirefox and @js619.


GG guys! This was a lot closer than I expected - thank heavens I plopped that farmer down in the very beginning, as I think his 18 points carried the game for me.


Yes, that’s what won it for you. I was trying to get in on that farm and just couldn’t get the fields connected.


I saw you trying to hone in lol! Did my best to cut you off with roads and unplayable spaces. I forgot how cutthroat this game could be!


I’m up for a rematch. Great, classic game.


@Mirefox and @js619 sent an invite, same setup with Rivers. If we want to keep playing after this, I can add expansions if there are any that you particularly like.


Table two is complete! We played base game, no river, so it was over in no time. Good game everyone!


I think I need to do roads :slight_smile:


@Baelnor and @Hardco, what about a rematch just for fun? i need some practice too :smirk:


Table 3 is complete:

@KYakerDude 450
geigerm 340
@jason1002 320

Great game all around!