Stately Play Decathlon 2019


Twilight Struggle:

notifications and badges still not working again for me :frowning_face:
will delete/ reinstall now.


Let us know how it goes. Weird that this seemed to happen to everyone right about the same time.


Ascension and Twilight Struggle don’t have notifications for me right now.

Lords of Waterdeep does, which seems to me makes it an Asmodee problem


to delete and reinstall did not solve the problem.
notifications and badges not working for Twilight Struggle any longer.

@Strangiato, do you know about the problem? any advice?
i can only log in with my Playdek account. (Asmodee account is called invalid.)

it was all ok for the first turns.
then suddenly i could not connect to the server.
had to log out/ log in, but since then no notifications nor badges.

have used Ascension to link my Playdek account to my Asmodee account.
but, just as the Help section says, only a Playdek account can be used to log in to TS.


It’s an Apple certificate issue, so it only affects iOS notifications.
We have to renew the certificate every year, and they expired on Monday for all 4 of the games we have that are now published by Asmodee.
I contacted Asmodee last week about getting them renewed (I don’t have permission to do it myself), but they haven’t addressed the issue yet.

Until this is resolved, using email notifications or logging in regularly are the only available workarounds.


Thanks for checking in on it!


thx for the enlightening answer!
it’s good to know and that there is hope for a “cure”.
btw the same had happened for Brass some time ago.


from table 5:
@johnl over @Mirefox

Good game!


Haha! I didn’t even know it was over. I was completely hopeless. The game is fantastic but I didn’t have a clue what to do. Sorry I didn’t put up any kind of a fight for you. GG!


JS over @Mirefox in round 4, victory by defcon. Gg!



You were going to win anyways, but I’m confused; perhaps I need to re-read the card. I thought DEFCON went up only if you decided not to participate in the Olympic Games. I assumed that meant you more or less had to participate. Did the DEFCON cause me to lose even though it was your decision to not participate?

Edit: I reread the card and it now makes sense how that happened. Ah well, I live and learn. Cool game, but I didn’t have a clue what to do.


Correct- I chose to boycott, which dropped defcon down to 1. Since you were the phasing player defcon 1 occurred on your turn and I won. Always up for a friendly game as well, if you’d like.


The DEFCON mechanic is so brilliant. Adds so much tension to the game.

Are you guys aware that Ananda Gupta is also the lead designer on Riot’s new CCG?

BTW, still working on fixing notifications for iOS. Asmodee finally sent us files, but they are password protected and the password they sent isn’t working.


Good to hear that there is a game-oriented mind working on the CCG rather than a team of consumer psychologists…


iOS push notifications should be functioning again.

Legends of Runeterra will definitely have an analytics team and some social engineering behind the game. I don’t think it’s possible to launch a game that hopes to compete against Hearthstone and Magic Arena without it. But at least there is hope that the underlying gameplay will be solid.


That’s what I meant. There are “card games” that are nothing more than Skinner boxes, and there are card games that at least attempt to be a game. LoR sounds to be the latter.


Table 1:
Hardco over @kennfusion by DEFCON

I have to admit, I feel bad about DEFCON victories against people that haven’t played as much, as it can really sour them on the game. I’ve had friends quit playing the game over it. This particular case is especially bad if you aren’t aware of the risks.

Turn 4, as US, I headlined Grain Sales with We Will Bury You in my hand. Kennfusion headlined Missile Envy. Since Grain Sales is also 2 ops, US event resolves first, I coup to bring DEFCON down to 2, then I hand over WWBY for Missile Envy, dropping DEFCON to 1. US wins! Sorry @kennfusion!


As someone who fits your description perfectly, I can’t say I felt all that bad about losing my last game to Defcon, especially as I thought I was being “tricky” and forcing my opponent into a move, only to find that I gave them the opportunity to drop DEFCON to 1 on my action…

The biggest problem for me with DEFCON is how it removes areas of the map for coup/realignment purposes. I know it is listed on the DEFCON panel, but so many of my plans were stymied because I forgot where I could actually conduct said plans. Ah well.


I have no idea even after reading this how I lost…and frankly don’t care. This is literally why I hate this game (which you accurately point out).



If it’s any consolation, I’ve had a steady game of TS going with @Hardco for quite a while and oftentimes have to look back in time to figure out how I lost too…