Stately Play Decathlon 2019


Assuming 1 invites 2 and 3, and 2 invites 3.

But I can’t find @feederofgoats or @irishdomer08 through the Friends invite.

I logged in with my Playdek account, not my Asmodee account, but that seemed to work.

Maybe you both have different user names in Twilight Struggle? Or don’t have accounts yet?


@Codington I’m mhatke in Playdek apps


@js619 @johnl

I am Mirefox on Playdek games…and everything else, I think. I don’t know how to play the game so if it looks like I’m doing something insane and nonsensical, I probably am.


I’ve played a ton and STILL lose on a regular basis, so no worries. I’ll send invites when I get home later, unless someone wants to send them out now. I’m JS619 on there too.


Table 7 games with me are created


Table 1 challenges sent for my 2 games.


I hate to do this, but I’m bowing out of Twilight Struggle, @JammaTal and @SleepingGiant I’ve never played the game and I’m just not focused enough right now to get through the tutorial.

I’ll be ready for the next game.


hello @SleepingGiant, game has been created.


Invites sent.


@Mirefox invite sent


I understand… I feel the same way when Brass shows up in these events! It’s a great game though, and you are passing up a good opportunity to be forced to learn it!


@js619 @johnl

I’ll take my turns at a good rate but I’m going to need to take a day to brush up on the tutorial before digging in to ur games.


You know what’s hard? Learning this game. You know what’s even harder? Learning this game by playing two games simultaneously as each different side…yikes!


For those new to the game or a little lost (@Mirefox), this website is a wealth of information:


Hi - I’m goatfeeder in Twilight Struggle


why you give the secret away! :cry:


Any ideas why my notifications were working perfectly a few days ago and now I don’t get any?


exactly the same has happened to me.
i couldn’t even connect to the server.

had to log out/ log in for getting access to the game again.


Might have been an Asmodee wide issue? I didn’t have Ascension or TS notifications this morning


very good news for our next Decathlon station.

Brass update 1.10 is out on iOS and will be soon on Android.
(“fixed animation engine on 64bit platforms / fixed network game”)

“We’ve completed the animation framework migration and submitted new version fo the game.
It should be available on iOS already and shortly on Android as well.”