Stately Play Decathlon 2019


Table 1:
Hardco over @JHTaube in Final Scoring

@jhtaube has a ridiculous Space lead, having me select headlines first from T3 on, but I kept him from dominating most areas while controlling South America after an early Destalinization. We missed the T7 reshuffle, so scoring cards didn’t get back in until T9, and by that time I had locked down most of the regions. Good game!


Thanks for the game @Hardco, learned a lot. That early lockdown of South America was a big setback. I’m sure I made some inefficient moves trying to get in there.


BTW, I got angry at that stupid game and forfeited. I was going to lose anyway.

edit: I also deleted the game from my iPad forever.


This happened somehow. I got some lucky coup rolls that whovian couldn’t recover from (dominating middle east and getting the scoring card twice didn’t hurt either)


Did whovian223 not have presence in the Middle East? 24 points by the headline of turn 3 seems high… Arab-Israeli War and big coup in Iran on turn 1?


@kennfusion, I get it. That’s how I feel about Race for the Galaxy, just doesn’t gel for me.


Of the 10 games in the Decathlon this year, i had to buy 4.

Of those 4 so far, Twilight Stuggle has become my least favorite game ever, and Race for the Galaxy, while not my all time favorite, has become one of my favorite games. @js619 and I have an on-going game of it. So I guess balance in the force so far.

Brass and Through the Ages are the other 2 new ones for me. I am just trying to learn Brass now, and I think I get it, but I think it is going to confuse me in the way that Agricola does (I mostly get them, but I think I would need to play them a lot to really get them).

I have some time to get to Through the Ages, have not even tried the tutorial yet.


As others have noted before me, it’s possibly the best tutorial I’ve ever seen for any game.


And one of the best games!


I feel you! I rarely buy games now, but will buy all of them for a Decathalon or tourney on here.

Games I bought just for tourneys;
Battle of the Bulge (remember that? Only played twice)
Patchwork (kids love it)
Castles of Burgundy (really not my jam)
Twilight Struggle (still overwhelming)

but I like the new!


Yep. He had nothing in Middle East by end of turn one and I played ME scoring in round one and headline phase of round 3 for 14 points.


yeah, it was brutal. And almost all of my cards on at least one turn favoured Dave too.

Great game, well-played.


I’ve started a game between me and @SpiceTheCat. I’m hoping your handle for Asmodee is SpiceTheCat…if not, let me know.


@irishdomer08 over @Codington due to Nuclear War

GG. Codington was forced to play CIA created as the only card left in hand. I couped a battleground to drop DEFCON to 1.


Hmm… “honor and courage” vs damn the rules of this game. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But seriously, a good tense game.


JS over @johnl by victory track in round 6. I was off to an early lead, scoring 5 in Europe on the first turn and fully controlling ME by turn 3 for 13 points… John brought it down to 16 when I couldn’t coup, but a headline of We Will Bury You netted me 3 points. I quickly followed it up with OPEC for another 5, crushing the capitalist ideals! Gg!


I’m glad your constant training has lead you to a 2-0 win in your pod! I’m curious about the circumstances that lead to a 5/8 influence In East Germany in the mid war (Yes, I try to glean as much information about a game from what’s visible on the end game screen. Shame on @irishdomer08 for cropping his game!)



So… on setup I went 3 EG, 3 Poland, 4 Austria and hl’d COMECON, leading to 4 in EG. Couped into Italy leading to control and the 5 point scoring.

Turn 2, he played Destal, which I used to get into SA, one inf was taken from EG, leaving 3; I had already decol’d into Africa. US used the 3 points from Destal to break into EG; I influenced back there with East EU Unrest, leaving it 2/5 after US took one out.

Turn 3, r2, US used 2 ops from Japan Defense to break EG again, now 3/5. I left it alone for a bit, as I was concentrating on full control of ME, and EU had already scored and I was holding ME scoring.

Then in round 5, he used Nasser to get in there again, 4/5. I gained control again with Olympics for 4/7, but in turn 5 r4 US used Socialist Govt to break in again 5/7. I countered the next turn with shuttle diplomacy, placing one in EG for the final 5/8 there.

to;dr, US kept spending lots of ops to get in there

edit for the final board pic-


@Hardco check your email. Full end game screenshot heading your way


Mostly joking, but thanks!