Stately Play Decathlon 2019


I was able to get production and consume worlds out pretty quickly. I was getting 5 * 2 pts thru consuming every other turn. Good game @js619 and @Baelnor



I realize just how out of practice I am with more than 2 players. Hardco with the victory. GG!


I’m sorry if I’m overly-annoying about this, but we need to pick it up @SpiceTheCat and @Schlotzky. We haven’t even finished our first turn yet, and that’s taken almost two weeks…Other tables are wrapping up.


timeout(s) must be imminent :flushed:
you can check the timer in menu.


@Mirefox, @Schlotzky

I‘m sorry, I have no idea what I’m doing in this game and the rules aren’t clicking, so I’m APing like mad.

To avoid further delay, I suggest I concede the table and you two share the winners points, if round organiser @Codington agrees.


Ah, sorry it isn’t clicking with you. I’ve got that same exact problem with Brass, which is coming up shortly in our decathalon, here; I just don’t get it.

I can wait if you want to learn; I’ve just been trying to keep up with the other tables. If you truest want to concede, I’d rather play a 1v1 with @Schlotzky to determine 1st and 2nd at our table, rather than simply splitting. It’s all up to what others think works best, though.


I’m fine with either option


Table 4 is complete. GG @Schlotzky.

@SpiceTheCat will take the 3rd place spot at our table.


Gg @Mirefox!


Good god, I suck at everything.

Good game both of you!


Thanks and apologies to @Mirefox, @Schlotzky. I’ve never bounced off a new game so hard. :slightly_frowning_face:



I probably should have said that @Mirefox won table 4 with @Schlotzky in second. That screenshot is near illegible on my phone.


Table 1 results are in:

@irishdomer08 57
@JMH.75 26
@johnl 17



I think that’s all results in - here are the points for standings:

Table 1
@johnl - 1
@irishdomer08 - 4
@JMH.75 - 2

Table 2
@Hardco - 4
@Neumannium - 1
@whovian223 - 2

Table 3
@KYakerDude - 1
@feederofgoats - 4
@Codington - 2

Table 4
@Mirefox - 4
@SpiceTheCat - 1 (or 0?)
@Schlotzky - 2

Table 5
@JaneHatke - 1
@geigerm - 2
@JammaTal - 4

Table 6
@jason1002 - 4
@js619 - 2
@Baelnor - 1

Table 7
@kennfusion - 2
@JHTaube - 1
@SleepingGiant - 4