Stately Play Decathlon 2019


I was able to get production and consume worlds out pretty quickly. I was getting 5 * 2 pts thru consuming every other turn. Good game @js619 and @Baelnor



I realize just how out of practice I am with more than 2 players. Hardco with the victory. GG!


I’m sorry if I’m overly-annoying about this, but we need to pick it up @SpiceTheCat and @Schlotzky. We haven’t even finished our first turn yet, and that’s taken almost two weeks…Other tables are wrapping up.


timeout(s) must be imminent :flushed:
you can check the timer in menu.


@Mirefox, @Schlotzky

I‘m sorry, I have no idea what I’m doing in this game and the rules aren’t clicking, so I’m APing like mad.

To avoid further delay, I suggest I concede the table and you two share the winners points, if round organiser @Codington agrees.


Ah, sorry it isn’t clicking with you. I’ve got that same exact problem with Brass, which is coming up shortly in our decathalon, here; I just don’t get it.

I can wait if you want to learn; I’ve just been trying to keep up with the other tables. If you truest want to concede, I’d rather play a 1v1 with @Schlotzky to determine 1st and 2nd at our table, rather than simply splitting. It’s all up to what others think works best, though.


I’m fine with either option


Table 4 is complete. GG @Schlotzky.

@SpiceTheCat will take the 3rd place spot at our table.


Gg @Mirefox!


Good god, I suck at everything.

Good game both of you!


Thanks and apologies to @Mirefox, @Schlotzky. I’ve never bounced off a new game so hard. :slightly_frowning_face:



I probably should have said that @Mirefox won table 4 with @Schlotzky in second. That screenshot is near illegible on my phone.


Table 1 results are in:

@irishdomer08 57
@JMH.75 26
@johnl 17



I think that’s all results in - here are the points for standings:

Table 1
@johnl - 1
@irishdomer08 - 4
@JMH.75 - 2

Table 2
@Hardco - 4
@Neumannium - 1
@whovian223 - 2

Table 3
@KYakerDude - 1
@feederofgoats - 4
@Codington - 2

Table 4
@Mirefox - 4
@SpiceTheCat - 1 (or 0?)
@Schlotzky - 2

Table 5
@JaneHatke - 1
@geigerm - 2
@JammaTal - 4

Table 6
@jason1002 - 4
@js619 - 2
@Baelnor - 1

Table 7
@kennfusion - 2
@JHTaube - 1
@SleepingGiant - 4


@irishdomer08 I’m willing to update the spreadsheet and pair for the next round. I’ll request access to edit the spreadsheet.

Since the next round is Twilight Struggle, is everyone okay with pods of three, playing each opponent once? I know this is a larger commitment than for Patchwork, but with 21 in the tournament, we don’t have a much better option.


I’m fine with that, and congrats in advance for the win to whomever I am paired with…


Sure, you’ve got access to the sheet now. Thanks!


I love twilight struggle so much, but only against people.

Thoroughly terrible to it though!


Standings after 5 rounds:

Rank Player Total Points
1 kennfusion 16
2 JHTaube 15
3 Hardco 15
4 Codington 14
5 feederofgoats 14
6 Schlotzky 13
7 geigerm 13
8 irishdomer08 13
9 Snotty128 12
10 Baelnor 12
11 JammaTal 12
12 KYakerDude 11
13 js619 11
14 SleepingGiant 11
15 johnl 10
16 JMH.75 10
17 Mirefox 10
18 JaneHatke 9
19 jason1002 9
20 SpiceTheCat 8
21 whovian223 8
22 Neumannium 6

Round 6 - Twilight Struggle

As mentioned above, we will be grouped into pods of 3 people, playing each opponent once. Games will be created as Standard Game with optional cards (the cards with the + sign), Random Sides, and a +2 Influence Handicap for the US. Use a 45 day timer, and we can all hope it doesn’t come to a time out! Tables were generated by standings with tiebreaks being randomly determined for pairing up/down.

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

Table 4

Table 5

Table 6

Table 7


Hey team, forgot this was iPAd and don’t have it with me at the moment. Will get it out this weekend