Stately Play Decathlon 2019


I’m not involved in the current Brass tourney, so maybe participants can chime in, but it sounds like they are having quite a few issues. Maybe this is a little early since we still have 2 games to complete, but should we be keeping an eye on that and contemplating a replacement?


Fully in favor of a replacement, just based upon the issues they’re having over there


@Schlotzky @SpiceTheCat

I think we are going to have to get into the habit of checking in on our game periodically. I don’t think notifications are working all that well.


Yeah I’ve been checking it every so often just in case. Will keep it up given the issues.


Brass tourney is going on. notifications are working.
just no badges because badges have never been implemented.
(switching to “persistent” banner style helps a lot.)

RftG seems in a worse state just now.


Funny - RftG has never given me an issue! Go figure…


I just know that if you’ve taken your turns in our other games, you’ve taken yours here too and so I open RftG. :slight_smile:


It’s good logic! Whenever I play a game with my close friends that has broken notifications, we always run a game of Ascension along side it so we know are reminded to check in on our games.



I think we are waiting on you.


Sorry. Up and running.


table 5 result is in. gg all.
i could play out an early Improved Logistics. in combination with decent military strength it was overwhelming. including a fast ending.

Jamma 25 pts
@geigerm 11 pts
@JaneHatke 9 pts


Wow, that’s was quick! Get comfortable; we are still in our first round.


gg @JammaTal … at least the beating was over quickly!


Well played @KYakerDude and @Codington!

@feederofgoats 53 points
@KYakerDude 27
@Codington 34



Yikes. @Schlotzky and @SpiceTheCat we are way behind. This borderline broken online is killing me. Not only do in it get notifications, but the game in the lobby says “waiting” even if it is my turn. Quite annoying.


I think my notifications are still working, but have been checking in a couple times a day (going all the way into the game) just in case I didn’t get one.


Well played all and well deserved win, Mike. That will teach me to insist we play with goals! :wink:


GG, in which we left most of the goals unfinished :slight_smile:

@SleepingGiant 35
@kennfusion 19
@JHTaube 10


Well done @SleepingGiant.
I am way behind in understanding how this game works.


I was just hoping you would slow down. I was finally setup to take goals on the next 3 turns. Good race.