Stately Play Decathlon 2019


Totally get your point @hardco, but if we’re going to apply some mechanic to the pairing, personally I’d rather aim for every player playing with every other player over the course of the decathlon. All of this is also coloured by the fact that we aren’t playing the same game every time, so rankings to date don’t necessarily reflect relative ability in the current game.

Seems like most people are divided on how to proceed, so let’s at least stick to the assigned tables for Race for the Galaxy and circle back on pairing formula for the second half of the decathlon.


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I’m just talking about applying the same mechanics that were applied for the first 3 rounds of the decathlon (well technically second 2, since the first round was randomly paired). But since you stepped up this round, and the winner so far is “don’t care”, let’s do this!

I’ll offer to run the back half of the decathlon though!


My friend code is GGEEUS99

Edit: Just saw the game invite, so never mind!


LOL, so technically random has been the pairing mechanic for 3 out of 5 rounds now then. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

In any case, things have gotten a little muddled here, and if you want to run the second half it’s all good by me!

(I promise I won’t even complain about how many 2p games we have in the tournament… :wink:)


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I need your friend code. I was hoping to find it in the Race thread, but I didn’t see you.


Table 5 invites sent


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I sent an invite for table 7 since I have your friend codes @JHTaube and @kennfusion


@JHTaube thanks for running with Patchwork

@Hardco thanks for updating the standings. I’ve got it keyed into my sheet now.

@Codington thanks for getting RftG tables out.


I’m keeping @Snotty128 in this standings table for the fun exercise of seeing how many games it takes for the field to catch those 12 points scored over the first 3 rounds. Still in a podium spot after missing a game!


For those that want to follow along, here is the standings spreadsheet link:


Sorry for the delay. Finally bought RftG - yeah, not going to be improving my standing this round. Friend code is Y243VIHH



My table is created with New Worlds and Gathering Storm.


for some reason notifications aren’t working in RtfG for me. I apologize to @Hardco and @whovian223 for taking so long, but it keeps slipping my mind without any popup.


Same here, not getting notifications even though they are enabled, so trying to remember to check once or twice a day.


It’s been months since I’ve received RftG notifications. I’ve just gotten in the habit of checking.


Well this is going to slow this tourney to a halt…


I’ve been getting notifications about half of the time, but the other half of the time it will still show the game as “waiting” even if it is my turn…


Wow, I’ve never had that problem. I never get notifications, but it’s always somebody else’s turn if it doesn’t say it’s mine.


notifications are a perma problem burner.
and it’s so weird that some players have problems, others not at all…

i remember when RtfG notifications out of a sudden failed for me too.
then they came back. since then they are reliable again.
why? why?