Stately Play Decathlon 2019


@JMH.75’s quilt was looking a lot better at the start, but mine came together… Good game!


Good am, @kennfusion! I suck at this game :slight_smile:


So close! Only the 7x7 saved you, @Mirefox. Good game!


Good Game!


good game!
why didn’t we ever jump on the Indian Summer (“4P Patchwork”) train on SP?


No idea! I recommended Indian Summer back when we voted for games but it didn’t get many votes.


Well played game! Congratulations on your win.


i had voted for it :neutral_face:


Can’t speak for everyone else, but I didn’t vote for Indian Summer because I don’t own it.


Gg @irishdomer08! No idea how I won this, since you had one of the nicest quilts I’ve ever seen in this, plus the 7x7!


Gg @johnl. Close one!


GG @SpiceTheCat, I’m finally getting the hang of this game.


Good game @SpiceTheCat.


GG @Neumannium! The early game was a real chess match (for me at least) and then I had the best mid-game I’ve ever had. Once I grabbed the 7x7 it was pretty much over.


Two games wrapped.


I’m incredibly proud of this… jeez, what a slaughter.


That’s a wrap on Table 7. Thanks for the game @Neumannium!

Can @johnl, @Schlotzky, or @feederofgoats confirm that Table 6 games have gotten underway??


@Schlotzky won in his matchup with me. I don’t remember the exact score but know I lost by 1 pt :tired_face: if it makes a tiebreaking difference in the group.

My game with @feederofgoats is underway.


Proof that memory is flawed … @Schlotzky had posted the screenshot earlier in the thread, 25-22.
Good close game!


My game with @feederofgoats is underway as well. First one timed out, so fired up a new one yesterday.