Stately Play Decathlon 2019


@Neumannium - friend request sent.


Good game, @JHTaube

I had trouble getting buttons, so was going for coverage and a fast finish, but I forgot that accumulated buttons count towards the final score! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You certainly had the more beautiful quilt @Codington. The way you finished I figured you had everything calculated out in your favor. I was lucky to get some high paying tiles at the beginning. Best of luck and let me know when @Neumannium accepts your friend request as I’m waiting as well.


geigerm 5
@js619 -8

It wasn’t pretty–I think I miscounted the number of buttons I was going to get at some point and left myself unable to buy one piece that would have fit an oddly-shaped spot–but I managed to pull off a win. Good game!


Talk about ugly lol! I remembered how to play this one halfway through lol


No response from @Baelnor at my table. Wondering if he left the tournament.


@JaneHatke @Baelnor said he was still in. Just a few stragglers now that we are starting up again, I expect. (@Neumannium, I’m looking at you, buddy… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::wink::joy:)


I am still in! I just can’t figure out how to get on there.

I sign I. And see no invites


Look in your friends list and see if you have any pending invites.


Invites accepted!


I passed a lot early, and I was worried I wasn’t going to have enough time to get back in the game. Fortunately I gained control in the mid-game, picking up most of the 1x1s and a income lead. Once I grabbed the 7x7 it was all over. Good game @jason1002!


Sorry, everyone. I wasn’t seeing the friend requests in Patchwork. I think I’ve accepted them all now and should be good to go?


Brass in the Decathlon:

“only” 8 Decathlon players (11 total participants) have joined the 2nd Brass championship.
i’m very happy with that level of interest to play such a demanding and complex game.

but it is obvious that we can’t link the Brass tourney with the Decathlon.
so i’ll start the championship now.
will be a short tourney and should be finished before the Decathlon will arrive at the Brass stop.


No worries, @Neumannium - game started!


geigerm 8
@irishdomer08 8

Looks like I won based on the odd “first player to the center wins” tiebreaker. We both passed our last couple of turns. Good game!


Good game @geigerm


Kennfusion 10
Mirefox 6

I thought for sure I had the 7x7, and then realized I miss counted by 1 and you grabbed it on your next turn. I really had thought that had cost me the game. But very close one.


Yeah, but that 7x7 was about all I filled; you filed your board brilliantly. GG


KYakerDude over @SleepingGiant. 24 to -4.

Good game!

I really like Patchwork.


Good game