Stately Play Decathlon 2019


I think I’m in! Just so everyone knows that I’m the slowest son of a bitch in these forums.


@Snotty, plz think twice because we need the creator and title defender in this.
always only one game in each round, with decent breaks in between.

i think we would all be ready to upgrade patience level for you.
it worked for the CoB tourney after all.


Here are the current standings. The match-ups for the next round will just go group of 3 by group of 3 if we follow what we’ve done for other games in this decathlon.

The issue of course is our leader is bowing out. I think it is in our interest to find a replacement player if we can. I have a potential recruit in mind…I’ll see if that may be an option.


@Schlotzky is willing to join as a replacement player for the remainder of the decathlon.

Any suggestions on how we handle points? Options could be to just take over Snotty’s points so far, start with 3 (simulate last place for each round so far), or start with 0.


You could give me all @Snotty128’s points and @Schlotzky could start at 0 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Honestly, though, I’m fine with any arrangement.


Hello everyone, thanks for having me. I have no opinion on what to do with the points, feel free to start me at zero.


I’m still in, glad to see the tournament of tournaments getting underway again. I may be able to organize one of the games later this year once the dust settles from moving.


I am perfectly ok with @Schlotzky taking over Snotty’s spot and his points. With 7 round left, there is room for everyone to still win the whole thing.


Hooray for everyone being in still!
Boo-hoo for Snotty being out.
Hooray for Schlotzky subbing in!

I’m on the fence about points. There are no substitutes in a real decathlon, but there’s something to be said for the homage to Snotty. @JHTaube what do you think? (You and @kennfusion and I have the most to gain if Snotty is crossed off the list…)


Here are probably the most likely options for Schlotzky, let’s just vote.

  • Snotty’s points with 12 pts
  • Tied with the Snottyless leaders at 10 pts
  • The current average of 7 pts
  • Tied with the low score of 3 pts
  • Starts from scratch with 0 pts

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Thanks for setting up the poll @kennfusion. Good ideas.
My position is that @Schlotzky starts with the average number of points.
Should @Schlotzky become this years champion I’m sure he and all other players would want the asterisk that goes with this substitution to have as little significance as possible. Starting with @Snotty128s points, I believe, would be seen as an artificial bonus.
This may or may not sound like a position that advantages myself. I can only state that this seems the fairest to me, regardless of the current standings.


TLDR: All three prior games have used 3-player tables which is not an option for Patchwork. To keep consistency in our scoring rubric, I believe we need to maintain “Tables” of 3 players who will each play the other two players. Each player will thus play two games of Patchwork. Should the table players finish with records of 2-0, 1-1, 0-2, then ranks within the tables are clear. Should the players all win one game, then score differential will determine places. Tables were assigned via random number in excel.

Short version:
Let’s get quilting ladies and gentlemen! :chopsticks:
Start a game with each player whose name is underneath yours and within the table. Everyone plays two games. Report scores using traditional scoring.

On your mark. Get set. Knit!!

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

Table 4

Table 5

Table 6

Table 7


@whovian223 and @kennfusion

My game name (in Patchwork and everywhere) is Mirefox. Send out friend invites and we can get our games going.


@js619 I’m mgeiger9 in Patchwork—wanted to make sure you could send the invite.


Friend request sent!


Friend requests sent to both of you. (@Mirefox and @kennfusion)

Will send invites once you accept.


FYI there seems to be a bug with the current version where the 7x7 bonus is not always awarded when it should be. So, I guess take a screenshot of the quilt and score if that happens?


Friend invites sent.


Yes. Thanks for letting us know.


@Baelnor, friend request sent.