Stately Play Decathlon 2019


Also still interested.

I expect the Brass tourney 2 will have ended by the time we get to the Decathlon Brass round, so we could still have that in (and I’ll volunteer to organise it).


I’ll keep playing and track points. I like spreadsheets :nerd_face:


I’m still in .


I’d still like to play. I can organize one of the later rounds, just not anything in the relatively near future.


still in


I’m still in as well


Still in


Still in!


Still in.


Still in!


Still in!


Still in


This community is awesome… :heart:

I count 18 of 21 original participants voting to continue (including myself) so far - so let’s do it!

I’m happy to help run any portion not already covered, but it sounds like next steps are: @irishdomer08 to calculate the standings after 3 games, and @JHTaube to send out invites for Patchwork based on those standings.


@Codington can you message the participants that haven’t responded yet?

I’ll work on standings and getting a tracker setup over the long weekend.


now that Decathlon seems to go on, we could redesignate the Brass tourney as part of the Decathlon!?
i’m ready and would organize that part of the Decathlon when the time will come.


first round could be conceived as part of Decathlon (after all only one game), and the championship could go on then.


We have 17 players. Still waiting to hear from:
Regarding the Brass tourney: I wasn’t in it, perhaps others weren’t as well. If you, @jammatal, can integrate those who didn’t participate into a second round then that’s fine with me. It’s all for fun anyway and I will not be winning vs any of y’all in that game.


Oh, yes! I counted 17 responses plus myself but actually @js619 was so excited to continue he posted twice. :wink:

We also haven’t heard from @Snotty128 if he can still participate now that he doesn’t have to run it.

Depending on the response (or lack thereof) from
we may require odd-size tables, but hopefully we can generally stick to 3 players as before.


I’ll play. Sorry for the slow response.


Thanks for @ing me but I’ll have to sit the rest of this tournament out. I’ve had to strip back my async time just to keep enough hours in the day. I think a big part of my analysis paralysis in keeping the tournament moving was trying to find time to actually play in it too, when I simply couldn’t.

Thanks again and good luck to everyone still involved.