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2 of my favourite game franchises (Homeworld, Risk of Rain) are owned by Gearbox now, and i’m in the exact same boat.

I extra hate Gearbox for Aliens Colonial Marines as I was a tester at Sega of America, and on that game. They royally screwed us by basically taking the money we invested in them for A:CM, and they made Borderlands 1 and 2 with that while outsourcing A:CM to several third party studios.

Randy Pitchford is a greedy moneybag in human form.

I think it’s extra sketchy they’re crowdfunding HW3 via Fig, which Randy is also a board member of.

(i’m now realising I say this every time I hear Gearbox mentioned. /end broken record)


Love Civ 6? Love battle royals games? Time to play Civ VI: Red Death, available now for free (I’m assuming PC-only).


I decided to swing by the Steam discussion for Star Traders: Frontiers, where I see that the Trese Brothers this past weekend announced their next project. I’m a Trese Brothers fan, I backed Star Traders: Frontiers on Kickstarter, I’m always interested in what they turn their hands to.

Our Next Game: Cyber Knights!

While we still have a lot of work to finish out the Star Traders: Frontiers development roadmap, we’re excited to be into our pre-production phase on our next game project and ready to share first glimpses of concept art (outside of Patreon[]).

Cyber Knights[] invites you to lead a shadowy band of mercs through the New Boston Zone in 2231, testing not only your skill and what you’ll compromise to make it big but also your loyalty to each other and how much you’re willing to sacrifice. Built on a core of turn-based gameplay featuring stealth, hacking, ambushes, firefights as well as base building and criminal networking, Cyber Knights weaves a human story in a dehumanizing cyberpunk world.

Sign up to get the call![]

It’s early, so this is a modest little announcement, a lot more to come.


Gwent, the Witcher card game, is coming to iOS on October 29.

Has anyone played this? I’ve heard it it pretty well-regarded and is often spoken about in the same sentences as Elder Scrolls: Legends, Hearthstone, Eternal, etc.


My experience with Gwent stems entirely from Witcher 3 where the one (or was it two?) forced instance of playing it was the worst part of the game for me. People who aren’t me seem to love it though, enough so they made it its own game!


it’s quite nice, but essentially “only” a kind of minigame inside of The Witcher.
no way to compete with full fledged games like Elder Scrolls: Legends, Hearthstone or Eternal.


Gwent is more than a minigame now.

It was developed as a standalone “fully fledged” game after The Witcher 3 and was also an essential part of Thronebreaker (set in the Witcher universe).

But that still doesn’t tell anybody whether it can compete with Eternal et al!


Yeah, it’s way more than a mini-game now. It’ll have no problem competing with Eternal (expensive, no players) and Elder Scrolls: Legends (incompetent developer, essentially dead). Hearthstone and Magic are different beasts altogether, of course.

That said, I’m actually a bit surprised it’s so popular. A lot of it comes down to simple arithmetic — over and over and over — and I didn’t think most gamers would be down for that. But it’s seemingly got a very loyal audience.

My own experience was limited to trying to play on my Mac with Parallels; it wasn’t the best way to go, especially on an old computer. But I liked it a lot, and I actually won a few games.


So, Apple Arcade … I’m not a fan of exclusivity, not just because I feel for my Android brethren, but also because my understanding is that non-subscribers won’t be able to purchase the games on iOS, either, until the exclusivity contracts expire. (Yet another victory for the Nintendo Switch, it’s not “mobile” in that developers can take Apple’s money, still release on Switch, just not on Android and into the Apple store itself, as I understand it.)

My limited Google skills did not provide me with an answer on what sort of time frame these Apple Arcade exclusivity deals are taking, do folks here have some information?

This query is prompted by Cat Quest II. Going to their presskit, it shows “Platforms: iOS, Android, Steam, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One”, but the Android gaming subreddit thread has attributed a tweet to the devs that "Unfortunately, we won’t be able to release Android at this time. We are deeply sorry about this! But we feel with Apple Arcade, we can bring the game to many more people than if we were by ourselves! "


Dang, not just sorry but “deeply” sorry.


Trust me, as an iOS user it is maddening as well. If there is a great game that I want, I may potentially not be able to buy it now on its supported device because I don’t want to subscribe to an Apple service? Lame.