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Mi-Clos just announced a sequel to Out There. Haven’t had a chance to watch the trailer yet, but the original was a gem. Even though I sucked terribly at it and never won.


Surprised this is happening when, iirc, Sigma Theory was meant to also hit iOS but I haven’t heard even a whisper about that outside of the original announcement.

Curious to see how they change things up.

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Sigma Theory’s been out in Early Access on Steam for a while now. I don’t remember it being slated for iOS. Just PC / Mac / Linux, at least according to the games website.

They appear to have removed any mention of mobile for it but at least until some point in 2018, it was slated for console, mobile, and PC.


Forgot about Sigma Theory. Too bad about the lack of mobile, I was looking forward to that one.

I agree, I enjoyed Out There on iOS, but no surprise that I never won.

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Looks like this dropped a day early, as it’s on my phone now! Haven’t had the chance to play yet, but may do so on my lunch.

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Just a reminder, since Gris was recently mentioned, that the iOS update is near and I do believe we will be able to use console controllers at that point, which should help greatly with the platformers.

If the pattern of the last few years holds, it’ll be in the first few weeks of September. I can’t wait!

Oh, what? Ffs. Ok, I take the karmic blame for this because I said I was looking forward to the Sigma Theory iOS port in the Vapourware thread. Or maybe it was a premonition. Either way, meh.

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Late last year they said it was still coming, but the lack of any mention on their site is not encouraging.

FWIW, the touch controls work quite well to the point I’ve played. Looks absolutely gorgeous on my iPad!

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Iirc from playing it on the Switch, it’s not awfully twitchy- more of a platformer puzzler?

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From what I’ve heard it’s more accuracy in later sections that may be lacking with touch controls. Guessing maybe smaller platforms or something? I’ll see how it goes!

I just assumed it was a platformer and therefore had twitchy controls, so I’ll take the blame for any misconceptions. My comment was only partially related to Gris, though; there are plenty of platformers on iOS that would be better with a controller.


Amen to this.


Void Tyrant Android Beta:

… and that’s why I have a Switch!


I’m some hours in Gris and it’s absolutely fantastic (iPhone X and IPad, headphones).
It’s an audio/visual orgy, like an emotionally compelling Studio Ghibli game.
So far everything is perfect (framerate, controls, iCloud sync…everything. The game even support controllers for the ones interested).
Already don’t want it to end…so glad I waited to buy it several times (PC/Switch) hoping it came on iOS.

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I quite like this one.