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That’s because the Hearthstone team made a savvy decision to hire Peter Whalen, the creator of Dream Quest. I’m not sure how much he has been involved in the more recent single player content, but I know Dungeon Run was his baby and that game mode was a lot of fun.

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I had to get out … it’s just a crap game. And certainly not free, either.

That said, they do a great job with visuals, audio, UI, etc. Gotta give them credit for that.

It’s great eye-candy, no doubt. Though I always play with the sound off, personally.

The game is too luck-based, and the devs have continued to align it that way for some time now, which I find frustrating. At the same time, the luck element keeps the meta a little flexible, and I have not felt, over the last 4 or so months of playing, that it has ever gotten stale. Whereas previously, I felt after a few weeks of a new expansion dropping, everything was set in stone for the next few months. If you didn’t play one of the predominant 5 deck types, you’d never get anywhere. That has not felt the case for me lately.

It feels to me like a noticeably better game than it was, say a year or more ago. Perhaps due to them phasing out three older expansions and adjusting a number of classic cards. Dungeon Run and the last solo adventure were excellent too. BUT I am in no way trying to lure anyone back to this terrible game : )

I am far, far more concerned with RNG than meta. It is annoying having only a couple of viable builds, but I’m often not playing at that level anyways and if I am, netdecks give me a reason to brainstorm and innovate. RNG just flushed any and all strategy down the toilet.

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Honestly, the game actually improved the minute Ben Brode left. Could be coincidence … but maybe not.

I do know that when he ran the show, changes were very, very slow (if they came at all), calcified metas were seen as okay, and the answer to every question was “We’re keeping an eye on it.” ™

The current group at least seems willing to try stuff.

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I had no idea this was coming but Rogue Legacy is on iOS now? It’s a dollar for now but apparently the description said something (now removed) about that being the launch price for 4 days. until August 11.

I know this is one a lot of people liked when it came out on PC and consoles, and at a dollar it’s hard to go wrong.

The Wanderer Edition includes everything from the base game (including the anniversary update); but adds on top new iOS specific traits, new rooms, new mini-bosses , and a completely remastered control scheme to help bring the console experience of Rogue Legacy into the palm of your hands.


It’s fun! I’ll have to give the iOS version a look.

Basically, it is a metroidvania-style game, but you go on runs though a randomly-generated castle. Gold you earn can be used to buy various upgrades for future runs.

Yeah I played it on PS4 since it was free via PS+. I wasn’t as in love with it as some people were :slight_smile:

Still, I grabbed the iOS version. Retooled difficulty and new stuff at a dollar is enough to get me in :sweat_smile:

I will say, though, that Dead Cells blows it out of the water.

Absolutely agreed. The gameplay loop in Dead Cells is far more engaging to me, though I know some people loved the progression in Rogue Legacy.

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Gris, which was fantastic on Switch, is coming to iOS August 22nd. Preorder for $4.99 (unsure if it’ll go up) and free up some device space, it’s a biggie at 2.9gb


Oh nice, this is one that I was sad I couldn’t play.


Figured this might be relevant to y’all’s interests - a reputable website just posted up about Company of Heroes coming to iPad thanks to Feral Interactive.



Mystic Vale is currently on sale on iOS, down to $2.99 USD/3.99 CAD. Wish it were async but this is a price I’m ok with getting in on it.

And a new expansion launching today (I have a post going up about it in a couple of hours)

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Saw this on Twitter this morning too! Mistook it for this other gem before watching the video, resulting in some pre-coffee confusion. Think I read somewhere that this one is coming to iPad too, although I can’t recall the source.

Commandos 2 is coming to iPad, as is Praetorians, both via Kalypso. No word on the first yet.

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Yeah I’m not sure where you could have learned that from either. Nowhere reputable, that’s for sure…