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So what’s this about no notifications? Annoying, to be sure, but I could live with it. The game works asynchronously, though, right? Do you just need to check in to see if it’s your turn?


Sure. All you have to do is check in. It’s been better and smoother popping into Discord with a quick “Your turn” message.

I do understand people seem to have a solid dislike for Discord :wink: I was putting in the link for those who want to jump in but might not know where.


This looks gorgeous. Preordered!


Currently available on Steam in EA since January, now available on iOS and Android!

DasTactic is a big fan!


That looks really cool!


Is there any kind of multiplayer?


Definitely not in the current game state while it’s in EA, and I don’t know if the devs plan on adding it.


Was Wargames your favorite movie of the 80’s? Can you discuss the yield of a Russian SS-27? Do you have strong opinions on first strike versus second strike?

Well then, c’mon in to the SP Global Thermonuclear War scenario of Civ VI and help indulge my penchant for worldwide apocalypse. Join code Wj0nl, open to 4p now but can be more if there’s interest.


Looks like they had it in the previous game, so I’d expect they would probably do it for this one at some point.


The new set in beta on Steam for Ascension is very fun. Another dream themed one.


Pixelated Cardboard reports via Twitter that TtA expansion will drop September 12 for $4.99 as an iap

ETA: nothing from other sources or Czech Games so far


Can’t edit my prior post for some reason, but it’s now in the app news-


Bad North has had a huge overhaul. Patch notes here. Persistent unlocks, a less unforgiving mode, different enemies and a bunch of QoL changes. Sadly, now I’ve moved to Germany for a new job I’m expected to work while working from home, so opportunites to test this have been limited, but as the iOS version is still promised, I can wait… patiently. Or just buy the damn Switch already, yes.


I bought the Switch version of Bad North while it was on sale over the weekend. While I’ve enjoyed the original so far, I’m looking forward to these upgrades making it to consoles.


Ascension, the original Killer App for gamers, just released Expansion No. 87 across all platforms.

I know not much more than that, since I just buy all the Playdek stuff sight-unseen.


I subscribe to this theory also. It rarely underperforms




It’s legit. Im on vacation or would have posted myself.


The new cards are pretty great! Looking forward to playing this with more people.


Patiently waiting as well…for iOS Version of BN and a Switch.

Technically my Switch countdown reached zero already since the iron rule of “Fire Emblem game released for a specific system? If yes then go buy the system NOW!” is now being invoked by the recent release of "FE: The Three Houses ", but I try to restrain my purchase urges a bit longer…
Who would have thought being unemployed is good for your gaming hobby spending habits? ;-/