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Does it add support for 4 players like it does in the physical card game? I’m assuming not since there’s no mention of this anywhere for the app.


Echoing @Mirefox here — Teppen is awful.

Ugly, poor UI, no tutorial to speak of. It also doesn’t help that the characters mean nothing to me.

Didn’t make it past five minutes. Deleted.


no, the SR app is only 2 player



Any more thoughts on Santorini? The online functionality is a bit of a disappointment, but the game looks gorgeous from the screenshots. Does it seem to run well?


Totally agree with @js619 scouting report. Single player runs well, but super annoying to see the $8 IAP wall so quickly. Multiplayer seems lame as discussed above.


Sorry for the delay, down the shore for the night. Game plays well, AI is solid, and it looks beautiful. Tutorial is lacking to non-existent - just a bunch of videos and no actual gameplay. And the multiplayer is a joke - you both have to be online to join at the same time, and I’m assuming it’s sync only - I haven’t actually played a multiplayer at all. Not sure if I can recommend it, unless you love the game and want to have a digital version.


My 6 year old loves Santorini and I’d much rather he be playing board games on his iPad than the majority of the junk on the App Store, so that’s my biggest interest. I like the game but own the physical and don’t know that I need the digital version for myself.


Ok, I drank the kool-aid and paid the extra $8 for the full unlock. Just think of it as an outstanding solo puzzle/board game that costs $13, not the $5 they lure you in with.

Every matchup and difficulty level is a unique puzzle and the combinatorics of all the god powers mean that’s a really big number of puzzles that force me to think in new ways. And maybe someday the multiplayer won’t suck? I would buy it for my six-year-old self :grin:


My thoughts, said better than I could. My daughter hasn’t played Santorini - I don’t have the physical - but I’d definitely let her play this. No setup, no clean up, etc.


Blog post about Michael Brough’s new release, P1 SELECT:


Good heavens. The take-away for me from that piece is that he’s spent a lot of time reading and rereading all of his positive reviews. You’re not a philosophical theorist, you’re a game designer.


It’s live.

Only had time to play the first scenario of the roguelike Adventure mode, and I lost by burning too many cards too early. Not unlike my first experience with tabletop Gloomhaven.


Be glad to have your reactions on the implementation as you delve deeper.

Some info on what is there and what will come from Rock, Paper, Shotgun.


I just want confirmation of other platforms and the guys from Asmodee won’t answer my emails…


Top form, that.


Just got a response, actually!

Other platforms are being examined but they have nothing to officially announce yet.

(Unofficially it sounds like a Mac version is pretty much in the bag. )


Best unofficial news I’ve seen all day!


It’s weird how cautious Asmodee Digital are being about mobile platforms at the moment, I wonder if their previous endeavours haven’t been selling well.

Which is weird because if any genre ‘belongs’ on mobile, it’s board game ports. I can’t fathom what’s taking Terraforming Mars so long, for example, and Scythe’s mobile port has kind of dropped off the radar.


Well, we know why it’s taking Terraforming Mars so long now.


I was confused for a moment but I just read the story on the developers closing up shop - man that sucks.