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AutoChess is on Android, which is pretty fun.


I like the idea of it. Will certainly check it out when it comes to iOS


My friend:

Now, there are IAPs which I know is off-putting, but I’m not sure what they do. From what I’ve been able to tell so far there’s nothing about the core gameplay loop that you could possibly spend money on. It’s all cosmetic stuff at the moment - Profile Avatars, Chess Masters, Game Boards… because things play out automatically without participation, each player can be looking at the same match with different window dressings around them.

Whether it remains that way we’ll see but so far the spirit of the mod is alive and worth checking out if you haven’t already. Just beware a match can take like 30-40 mins, so you have to make sure you have the time.


Is this the real version, or a knockoff? I assumed the latter.


It’s the real version - it has to be completely devoid of DOTA 2 IP or they could be sued, but the group that made the mod is called ‘Drodo’ and they’re credited on this app. Dragonest is the publisher they’ve signed with.




It’s tomorrow for me in about 30 minutes.


New tribe for Polytopia


Somehow I missed the news about the least likely game I could have imagined:

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics

Apparently it is a strategy RPG in the same vein as Final Fantasy Tactics or Disgaea complete with jobs and gear and al the good things we expect from the genre. And it is set in Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal world. What?

Anyways, color me excited. I know it is coming to Switch and PC, but not sure what else.


PS4 and XB1 as well as it seems.

Despite being a sRPG Otaku I give this game a hard pass. Art-Style and Source material is so NOT my cup of tea that even a good gameplay loop/system is not gonna salvage this for me…that and the impeding colapse of Mount Backlog :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like the art style. It reminds me of Septerra Core and maybe some other similarly-aged games. I’ll be picking it up for my girlfriend’s Switch provided it doesn’t review poorly.


And here I thought I was the only person who played Septerra Core. I loved that game.


If any of you were particularly looking forward to the Harry Potter version of Pokemon GO, it’s out now.


Played but did not finish. Got it on GOG a while back, but I’ll likely never revisit it. It was pretty novel, setting-wise. Don’t recall why I never finished it (also never finished Dark Earth, which was similarly novel).


DOTA Underlords just launched on mobile, which seems to be Valve’s version of a third party mod of one of their games.

I’ll probably give this one a try at least.


TouchArcade is reporting that there is a sequel to Meteorfall on its way called Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale. Apparently, it will have many of the same characters we already know but will have a a deeper hand management system.

Personally, I like the idea of card-based roguelikes but I also feel like we are over-saturated with them. I’m always happy to give a quality developer a chance, but I hope this one differentiates itself in some way from all the similar games currently on the market.


And that reminds me to poke Eric on reddit to see if there’s gonna be a pre-release beta for that one, since Journey’s did.


Early access on Steam with mobile to follow according to what they’ve tweeted.


Did anyone here know that Le Havre updated a month ago and added the expansion? I thought I remembered Codito closing up shop more or less a number of years ago, but they seem tI be actively supporting the games they’ve already made. Or am I completely wrong about them?


They shuttered but Chris is a standup guy and still supporting the apps in his spare time. Didn’t know about the expansion! Will check it out