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Blaming the defaults, not you, just to be totally clear. In fact, go ahead and take $5 out of petty cash; treat yourself to something nice.


Like a nice currency pack for one of those free to play games we know you love so much.


PvZ Heroes was a bit of a surprise and I quite enjoyed it. I don’t know if it is being supported much anymore.

There are two Yu-Gi-oh apps. One is basically the full tabletop game, the other takes the same core rules and streamlines it for a quicker experience. I’ve never gotten the appeal or Yu-Gi-Oh as a game as the mechanics seem a bit of a mess to me, but I do think both are still going pretty strong.


TCGs are a scary thing.

  • I like Warcraft but after half a year I bounced from HS back in the day, granted it may now more to my liking (more Singleplayer stuff) but that period to excite me has passed…
  • I like Pokemon but the mobile TGC version?..2 Days then delete
  • I like Elder Scrolls somewhat…Legends? Naah delete
  • I like MtG in paper a lot but too-many-digital-restarts-and-reboots-screw-you Wizards!
  • I like Warhammer 40k a metric-ton-LOT…Horus Heresy: Legions…I still play…and play…and…play…and I accept that it may be the weakest entry in the list in regards to overall QoL-Quality (The UI needs a lot of work), Artistic quality and Gameplay mechanics (the newest released Thousand Sons Cards have thrown the balance wayyy out of whack…thrice be cursed Psyker mechanics…still I play it…

Brains sure are curious things…


Does anyone have any thoughts on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar (or whatever) CCG?


Evolution just updated… and apparently they’re pretty excited about… wait for it… pass and play mode! It literally got an exclamation point in their update notes but still no async…


Instant joy followed by immense disappointment reading your brief emotional rollercoaster ride of a post.

Edit: did they change the icon, too? It looks different and I think I liked the old one.


Sorry… didn’t mean to send you on that ride, although I got excited when I saw it updating too. And I think yes to the icon - that’s the box art now - but also I hate it and liked the old icon better I think.


The Pixel People re-release just, um, released. It’s a time-gated building game in the same vein as Tiny Tower. For some inexplicable reason this is one of the few f2p designs that I tolerate. I enjoy this one.


Baldur’s Gate 3 has been announced for PC and consoles.


So far this is just the teaser, right? The story I read had much of the details up in the air.


Yeah, almost no details at all. The only confirmed systems are PC and the upcoming Stadia, but they strongly hinted at more consoles.


This might interest our local crowd.


Wow. That looks incredible. If I didn’t have a no digital Kickstarter creed I would be in. Day one buy


Ah, Faeria…that was one of the better digital CCGs and they completely botched it. I don’t know exactly what happened but they shut down the mobile version and made the PC game a paid game, or something, which is not how you stay competitive in this CCG market.


absolutely! i was so disappointed when Abrakam was not able to fix mobile Faeria and simply dumped it down the drain.
lost all faith in them.


Terraforming Mars notifications in the mobile beta appear to be back and working!

If you’re in a game with me, check whether it’s your turn. If it is, take it and you should be notified next time it’s your turn.


Dead Cells



Man, why is nothing ever released on Android -_-


Hey, we have Conquest of Elysium 3…