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That’s cool, and also unsurprising. Wizards need to get MtGA on mobile ASAP.


Artifact. It has tanked hard, and in fact there was just an article in RPS (cribbing from another publication) about how Richard Garfield blames its failure on people misconstruing it as pay to win according to his own idiosyncratic definition of pay to win.


I took a look and I can see where he is coming from, in an abstract way. If a game were balanced so that a deck of commons could beat a deck of rares, paying for cards wouldn’t necessarily give you an advantage. I feel like Magic was more like this in its early days, and instead of being excessively powerful, rare cards were merely more complex. There is such a disparity between common cards and the most rare in any given game these days, though, that his definitions really aren’t accurate.


Yeah, the current design team absolutely stacks good cards in the rare (and, increasing, “mythic rare”) slot. I played Arena for a while but just lost interest because my decks weren’t going anywhere, and I was just facing the same netdecks over and over again.


I find draft to be much more rewarding in Arena (and it helps unlock cards faster).


Artifact hitting the iceberg had more to do with endless play time than anything else.

I personally quit when I literally stopped caring if I won or lost. I just wanted the skull-crushing repetition to end.


I rather miss Solforge :confused:


Eternal still my nummer one CCG. Really like the possibilities of the digital-only format.

Is anybody playing The Lord of the Rings digital LCG?
I know it’s not a CCG, but I had an eye on this game for a while and was waiting for it to come out on Switch.


Damn…the year I backpedaled on playing on mobile where I have the luxury of owning both the big screen/mobile version of games now this happens.

I was mad that PS3 Controllers were not supported well on PC and nearly missed the badass perfection that is playing with PS4 Controllers on Controller enabled Steam games and was beginning to question my mobile gaming habits…
Then I finally was 101% feed up with the bullshit onscreen controls of too many mobile game ports and went back to play Final Fantasy 6 and Chrono Trigger AND Secret of Mana on my mini SNES classic, forsaking any other QoL and convenience options mobile games had in favor of the old-school versions… and a LOT of game progress, now this…

So, what to do this time? Especially for my next planned playtrough of FF Tactics WotL…(where the mobile controll options where especially tiresome)



What is this wizardry.


@Pitta has a Tweet that made it on to TouchArcade. Just sayin’…


Go back to PSP where that game was really intended : ) One of my favorite games all-time, but I cannot play that using the mobile controls.


Yeah, same. I bought it because I had so much fun with FF Tactics on the GBA and everyone says great things about WotL… although admittedly I didn’t realise they weren’t the same game until AFTER I’d bought it.

But yeah I’ve been trying to give it a fair showing and… man, I really HATE the control scheme on my phone. I just can’t do it.


I like the chart in your other post a lot. Very illuminating, as HS should be peaking right now, given a recent expansion release plus new solo content and a bunch of card buffs. But MTG is eating it for lunch in the US. Blizzard must be pretty disconcerted about that. Maybe they will continue to up their game even more.

I also still play HS, despite a few irritations I have with the game. The solo content continues to get better, IMO, and the recent phase-out of a few older expansions has opened up the meta a lot by getting rid of some cards that were killing the game. The old even/odd decks drove me away from the game for about 6 months, honestly. There’s actually some variety now, which I haven’t felt was the case in a long time. And it looks like Blizzard is much more willing to keep new content flowing more often.

MTG, I think, has a higher barrier of entry for most people, and as more expansions get released, that barrier gets higher and higher until it feels impossible to get into the game (for me at least). If Arena can find a way to overcome that, it could dominate.

I feel similarly as you about Eternal; though I don’t play ranked, I do only check in when a new expansion is released, and then fade out after a few weeks. It just doesn’t hold my attention for some reason.

@Mirefox is right about the Pokemon TCG–that game seems to just keep chugging along, though because it’s Pokemon, it’s hitting a different type of audience than the other CCGs that we pay more attention to. And it’s well-done, honestly–I just won’t play a game where victory can be so often decided by a coin flip.


I think I’ve talked about it before, but the Pokémon TCG is one of the points of hypocrisy in my life. I really detest RNG in card games and really can’t stand Hearthstone because of it. Yet I tolerate it in Pokémon. I’ve tried to rationalize it before and can only come up with 1) At least it is a fixed 50% rate whenever that coin flips, and the results are know, and 2) the coin flip is a good solution for mimicking the way status effects work in the video game.

Ah well, I guess I’m not perfect…


The “no more than three straight posts” rule for Discord is about the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever encountered.

Can someone — anyone — make a post in our tournament thread here:

I’m trying to update results, but now I’ve hit the wall.

Thank you in advance.


Interesting CCG/TCG discussion here.

I agree with the thought posted above that it does seem to have slowed down a bit, overall, in terms of new releases or major expansions. My memory is that 2015-ish to 2016-ish was the “oh, look, it’s another CCG” era on the App Store … but most of those games have already died.

The current landscape is pretty predictable:

  • Hearthstone dominates, especially on mobile
  • Magic Arena has a lot of people excited, but hasn’t made its mobile plans public
  • Eternal and Elder Scrolls are both solid games with a devoted core following … but both have issues and it’s difficult to picture either one getting much bigger
  • There’s some outliers having some success. I’m thinking of Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes in particular
  • I don’t play Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh, so I can’t say for sure what the landscape is like there. I’d imagine both are hugely successful.
  • I’m not sure we’re going to see a lot of new releases. It seems like developers have discovered that it’s hard to run a CCG; they need constant support and innovation. And, let’s face it: Hearthstone won.


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