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Oh! It is actually a metroidvania? It looked more like a Megaman-style platformer. Color me even more intrigued.


It’s not a proper Metroidvania, but sort of…each character has different powers that open new areas for you.
It’s closer to Megaman tough.


Actually I was wrong…I’m 5 hours in and the game opened up and I would call it a proper Metroidvania…meaning I’m now exploring previous zones reaching parts that I couldn’t before because I lacked certain powers.

The more I play it, the more I’m in love with the game.
It’s pretty tough now too.


Are you using the on-screen controls or do you have a controller? I’m definitely interested but platformers and I do not have a good relationship on iOS.


I’m using the on screen controls.
You can personalize everything about them, from position to dimensions (I have a different set up on iPhone and iPad, and my son a different one as well).
You have a joystick and 3 buttons (you will use mainly 2, jump and sword).
I play on iPhone X.

It’s old school with a glorious modern look (looks fantastic)…so no checkpoints etc…it’s very well planned but it’s not an easy game (on normal, there is actually an easy mode which is for relaxed play, but I didn’t try it).

I’m pretty good with touch controls (and I think here they are wonderful, on par with other top controls games like Elysian Tail, Limbo/Inside, FEZ, Grimvalor…etc.) so ymmv.

I know others struggle with them…but it’s not (IMHO) the touch controls…it’s the game and the (different) inertia of all different characters.
It’s the same on Switch.

Hope it helps…ask me anything in case!


Just completed the game (iPhone X, normal, touch controls).
Took me almost 10 hours.
Wonderful game, wonderful port…straight to GOTY.
So many cool mechanics, so many cool details.

I’m super sad…didn’t want it to finish.

Highly recommended.


Does anyone know if Asmodee ever updates their apps? I just tried opening Splendor and it doesn’t work; checking the store, it looks like the last update was months ago to add a winter theme. I’ve since looked at my library and noticed that most of my Asmodee apps do not support the newest (read: nearly two-year-old) resolutions and bugs that have been plaguing some games for years are still around. It certainly worries me that the App Store board game overlords seems happy to let their apps stagnate…


FWIW, Splendor works just fine for me?


Weird. I’m in an XS Max, if that matters. My game just hangs forever on the splash screen.


FWIW, I just checked the App Store and Splendor is listed as having an update five months ago. It’s also listed as having an average rating of 2.0/5, which is astonishingly low.

I tend to agree with you, though — I have not been overwhelmed with the pace of updates from Asmodee. It seems that most of them are actually for new content/IAP. I’m not shocked by this; as others have noted, their corporate overlords seem intent on a pretty obvious strategy. Not even sure they’ll be in the apps biz in a couple of years.


It’s not just you. Same for me. Won’t go past initial screen iOS iPhone XS Max iOS 12.1.2.

Not an Asmodee game, but I actually have a crash with Armello on start screen as well. Devs have done nothing about that? Have you the same on your Xs Max?


I feel like Armello has worked ok for me in the recent past, but I don’t think I’ve played it recently enough to answer that question accurately.


TouchArcade is reporting that Apple just announced that both XBox One and PS4 controllers will be supported with TVOs 13. It is only wishful thinking at this point, but if I can use my DualShock controller with my phone when it gets iOS 13, that will be awesome.


Can confirm, watched the keynote. XBox One S and PS4 Dualshock will be supported.

eta: reread this - announced for Apple TV, unsure of iOS


It’s weird but so far they mentioned just TVOS, not iOS 13 for iPhone or iPad.
Weird, I know.


Well…iOS 13 official page just went up and they explicitly mention you can use your XBOX and DualShock controllers with your iPhone.


Wow, that’s really cool. I’d imagine I can snag some plastic clip at some point to attach my phone to my controller. Now my interest is very much renewed for some platformers.

Edit: This puts the PS4 remote play app in a whole new light.


Quick one, but have we seen peak CCG on mobile and are in a fall?

I don’t think I have seen anything on CCGs lately. Apart from maybe MTG Arena on PC, which is amazing, it has pretty much been radio silence.

Are the existing ones in their happy place? Or am I simply reading too much stately play?


Think there’s not really anything competing with Hearthstone, MTG Arena, or Eternal at the moment.

I still play Hearthstone for the single player dungeons, but that’s about it.
Eternal I play ranked, but only really for a month or so after new set releases.

I almost always give up on CCGs again and fall back to games like Ascension or Shards/Star Realms.


I don’t have any metrics or anything to back any of my claims ups, so this is anecdotal, at best. I’m addition to what @halfvoid mentioned, I think Shadowverse and Elder Scrolls Legends are still pretty active. The Pokémon TCG is still strong, too, I believe. That said, there have been a few big games in the genre that haven’t fared so well, like Faeria and the Valve game (I forget what it is called). I don’t know if interest in the big names is waning, but I also don’t know that the genre is expanding all that quickly, much like difficult-to-enter tabletop CCG marketplace.