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But it is good?


I liked 5, and still play occasionally. Just got 6 for free, so don’t know :wink:


Free sounds like my kind of price. Downloaded for future play


I’ve given it a go and it’s good for a tower defence game, so far. No timers or iap being forced down my throat. The iap is there, obviously, but the game has refrained from insisting how much better my life would be if I just bought this super fantastic limited time deal.

And as Baelnor says, the price is right


It shows as $5 for me, now. Ah well, I’ll be fine without it, I’m sure.


Mystic Vale coming to mobile 6/6 with the first expansion, Vale of Magic, included:


Every now and then I beat you guys.




Whoops, my mistake … that tweet sounded like a new announcement to me for some reason …


Didn’t really like that game all that much. Always seemed to same-same, but potentially the strategy is emergent? Would rather ascension / star realms / even penny arcade deck builder.

On a seperate note, that deck builder was better than is deserved… with Bat Milk and the like



I read your nice review of the Terraforming Mars mobile app and (perversely) I am glad to know it is not just me who stopped getting notifications.

I will take up your offer of a game … anybody else ready for another one?


Sure, I could use another! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t call it a review, though. Just a beta update (I saw my original app review getting a bunch of hits and thought I should do one)


I’d play a Terraforming Mars game … mostly mucked around with the AI so far because I’m just learning the game. mgeiger9 in Asmodee-land.


@whovian223 @geigerm

Excellent! I think I have created a standard non-drafting game for the three of us …



I think invitations expire, and with no notifications, that’s why another one that I know was sent didn’t show up for me (I found out about it after the fact)

Or I could be out to lunch. :slight_smile:


If you fail to get your game going, I’m up for a game too!


If Heat Signature was an FPS. (this game is gloriously good.)


We did get going. But I am okay to add another game if you get to start one …


Apparently League of Legends is getting a mobile adaptation. That is not good for my free time. Or job. Or relationships.

Joking aside, for all the games I’ve loved and played over the years, few became obsessions, for lack of a better word. I’ve spent a lot of time with FFXI and WoW, and League of Legends certainly makes that list. Hero-based games and MOBAs are certainly not an uncommon thing these days, but back when LoL launched as an evolution of DOTA and I learned that I could play an online multiplayer game that had RTS mechanics but relied more on strategy and good plays than clicks-per-second, I was hooked. LoL is also the only e-sport I’ve ever been interested in.

Thanks, Riot!


For the ones into old school scrollers/platformers/Metroidvanias, Wonder Boy is GLORIOUS.