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Feud should have landed everywhere, for anyone interested in a lovely little free tactical positioning game. (With Async Multiplayer)


Meanwhile, at that “Over Under Sideways Down, Backwards Forwards Square and Round” performing site Pocket Tactics …

Review of Fort Sumter


Yes, we’re not getting our review code until it actually launches later today.

I’m not upset about this in any way.


That review makes this game sound extremely similar to 13 Days, although they don’t share a designer, and I’m not seeing any comparisons between the two on BGG after a quick look. Can anyone who’s played both comment?


There are a few similarities, but not blatant “this is the same thing.”

They’re both CDGs with events that can favour the other side. In 13 Days, the other side can trigger the event. In Fort Sumter, they can’t. you’re just restricted from not using it if it’s your opponent’s.

The “end game” reveal of saved cards have different purposes. In 13 Days, you just total up who has the most Command Points (or whatever they are) and the winner gets 2 more status. In Fort Sumter, you are directly comparing them card by card, and you choose the order that they are revealed. So it’s almost a bluffing game. Each card reveal will either result in adding influence or taking away influence on the board.

Those are the two major ones, I think. Also, the scoring is totally different, because you score each Crisis Dimension in Fort Sumter. In 13 Days, only each player’s chosen location scores.

Those are just the things that occur to me off the top of my head.


I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or misquote anyone, but I think I read somewhere that 13 Days was an attempt to simplify Twilight Struggle and condense it down to a 15 minute game and Fort Sumpter was Twilight Struggle’s designer’s attempt to do the same, using 13 Days as an example of how it can be done. Does that make sense?


Except Mark Herman was not Twilight Struggle’s designer.


So I’m not even close…ah well, ignore my ramblings. My wife does.


Mark Herman designed earlier CDGs that inspired Twilight Struggle. Fort Sumter was inspired by 13 Days, in the sense that he wanted a CDG that could play in 30 minutes. This has spawned a new product line for GMT, the “Lunchtime Games” series. Harold Buchanan’s “Flashpoint: South China Sea” will be the second game, with several more in the pipe after that.


Fixed it.




Fort Sumter live on Steam for PC/Mac. $9


Thanks, guys, this sounds great. I wonder if it’ll be at all playable on a phone.


Playing it on a phone as we speak. Works perfect. Typical Playdek polish…only had it for about 10 mins now, but really liking what I’m seeing. Can’t wait to get crushed in a tournament…


Thank goodness! I didn’t want to mention it and jinx everything, but Twilight Struggle had me worried that this might only come out on the big screen.


It finally made it through to iOS?

Even with a Steam review code, I may have to buy it on iOS for my iPad.



Phone pics:



Bloons TD 6 is temporarily free on iOS.