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It is 15 Days. Anybody up for trying a 3-player game?

I can send the invite and we’ll see what happens.


Count me in for a test game. I’m snotty256 on asmodee for some reason


I have a Snotty128 on my Asmodee buddy list (showing up in TM)


Ok, that is also me it seems! I’ve logged in as Snotty128 now.


I’ll play! If it’s a learning game should we play without the draft?


Ok, set one up with @Hardco and @Snotty128

I’ve left the game too, so we’ll see whether this works. :slight_smile:


I got 2 pop ups to join (I was in a solo game at the time) which I accepted. It said it was whovians turn I think. I checked the online section 30 minutes later but I can’t see a game, or a list where a game would be.


You probably won’t until it’s your turn.

At least I think that’s how it worked.

@Hardco, have you seen it?


Ok, I see it now. It’s in the resume button at the top of the main menu. I’ll do my turn when I get back in


I don’t use Test Flight so I’m living vicariously through you guys. I’m trying to wrap my head around the 15 day timer. I assume that’s per player? I feel as through my two friends and I usually go through a game of Through the Ages in 1-2 weeks, so while I’d like longer timers I don’t know that 15 days is going to be too short. We will see, I suppose.


yeah, it’s 15 days per player. So your timer starts when it’s your turn and stops when you take it.


I’m in. I went with the beginner corporation, accepted my 10 cards, and now I can’t really see anything except for the planet. Hopefully that changes when it is my turn…


It was my turn, so I took it (had to choose corporation and cards).

Now it’s your turn, since it’s the Beginning Corporation (it still doesn’t say who is who, which is really annoying)


Anyone else up for a test match? I’ve got lots of doubts about getting a game in w the 15 day timer but I’d like to give it a shot. Maybe it’ll play much faster than I’m expecting based on how long it takes to play on the tabletop.


Me and two of my friends did manage to finish a game on time, though it was getting close.

I still don’t think it’s possible with drafting cards unless everybody takes multiple turns a day.



Sure, I’ll try a test match. My Asmodee handle is the predictable “robthomasson”.


I am! Baelnor is my asmodee


You sir, win the internet. What a heads up!!! Love this game


Ok Rob and Baelnor I’ll get a 3p game going.


@robthomasson @Baelnor invite out for a standard game w no drafting. Let’s see if we can do it in 15d.

An odd quirk I found Is that you can’t seem to add new friends to your buddy list and add them to a game. I had to go into the Ticket to Ride app and add you both to my list first.

Or did I just miss how you add friends in TM? Anyone know?