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Looks like I am Belg69 not Baelnor

Not sure what happened there!



Thank you … will accept the invite tonight. I went to my Asmodee account to add you to my buddy list so thanks for the tip to use the TTR app.


I’m up for a game too, JS619 on Asmodee as well. @Pitta and I are kind of fingerfucking our way through one now, but the more the merrier…


I’ll be curious if you actually have an invite to accept. I’ve logged back into the app and there is no indication I’ve sent out an invite. You actually should see 2 since I resent one using @Baelnor ‘s new username

Sounds like we have some good feedback already for the beta…


Hmmmmmm. Yes baby!

October 2019 is mentioned.


I’m in for the fingerfucking. @Neumannium in the app.


When I fired up the app I was shown an invite from you which I accepted. It said waiting for a third player. I was then shown a invite full of null info so I quit the app and restarted. I then saw another invite which (probably unwisely) I declined. Now I don’t know if I accepted the correct invite. I can’t see a game listed but probably it won’t be visible until the third player accepts.

If @Baelnor has already accepted the correct invite then I have definitely accepted the wrong one … and apologies from me … it looks like we need another go at it.


No more keys available… :worried:


I have nothing inside the app showing anything. I did receive a notification on my iOS home screen when I woke up, but nothing inside.

New invite?


just tried again!
@robthomasson @Baelnor

I used Belg69


Seen and accepted … thank you!


Accepted and in, corporation picked and everything!


Maybe if interest, surprise release of Steam Link.

Steam Link di Valve


Playing through Steam Link is a little awkward for me—if I’m on the same network as my computer, I’d probably just play on that most of the time. Don’t see a ton of benefit in streaming to a smaller screen.


I see more use streaming to my smart TV. Don’t think I’d ever use this on mobile.


Since I don’t own a Steamlink, I was wondering if I could use this to stream from my PC to my Phone, and then use a SmartTV app to then just throw that feed up onto my TV. My Wireless card on my PC doesn’t have 5G though for some reason so I need a new wireless card before I can try it.


Going back briefly to the Terraforming Mars discussion, can I just say that it works very well on the iPhone (or at least the iPhone X)?

I can?


It does. :slight_smile:


So they’ve long ago addressed most of the big issues plaguing the initial Steam release?


I can’t say that. LOL

I don’t know the game well enough to talk about some of the bugs that I’ve seen mentioned.

But I haven’t had any game-breaking ones so far.


Yes. I’ve been playing the mobile version since Gen Con and it’s improved by leaps and bounds, mostly in the last 1-2 months. Gameplay is smooth as butter and I haven’t had a crash in ages. I also haven’t noticed any rules/game bugs. I’ve played the physical copy a bunch, too, but I also kind of check out when it’s my opponent’s turn and assume that things are being handled the correct way. It’s possible I’m missing a misplayed rule here or there, but they aren’t happening on my turns.

The game isn’t perfect. Actually, I should say the game is nearly perfect, but the app has some weird design issues. For example, I’m in a three player online game now and I have no idea who’s who. Player names don’t appear in the game, so all I know is that I’m playing against red and blue, unsure which player is @js619 and which is…whomever the other player is. It doesn’t say.

It’s also a bit clunky to see the board state during setup. You’re dealt 10 cards and need to pick which ones you want to buy. Many cards have limits on when they can be built. For example, the oxygen needs to be higher than 5%. Unless you have the oxygen meter and thermometer memorized, it’s hard to know to keep these cards. I mean, I don’t remember if 5% O2 is near the bottom of the meter, and might trigger soon, or up at the top. You can’t see either right now.

So, it still needs a bit of tweaking…the stuff in the above paragraph feels like it was designed by someone unfamiliar with the physical game, whereas the gameplay itself feels like it was crafted by people who love the game.

Even with the issues it’s still one of my favorite board game ports, and shines on the iPhone and iPad.