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Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion just got its universal update. I’ve personally not played any Total War games since the first Shogun released, but that is partially because I couldn’t be bothered to keep my hardware up to date at the time. I’ve got Rome: Total War on iOS but have yet to delve into it. Soon.


I played so much Shogun. Every so often I still hear the guy saying, “The enemy taisho is running in defeat, but his dishonor, and our swords, will chase him to his grave.”


Another set for Eternal CCG released. Game is still really worth my time.


Awesome sauce!

I’m finding the new Shift mechanic very interesting and glad it’s in a digital game as having to track multiple shifted characters would be a pain irl.


Got excited when I saw Civ VI on iOS had an update… but it’s just a fix for crashing. Boo.


At least they’re still working on it…I was starting to wonder if it was abandoned.


Want to try On Mars in your Mobile device?
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Speaking about Mars…

Terraforming Mars iOS beta:


Can I encourage everyone who does this to request a smooth online experience and report anything that jst doesn’t make sense (like the aforementioned requirement that everyone be online at the same time to start a game)?

Edit: Hopefully the open beta means we are only a month or two away from release…


Did they fix the online requirement? @Pitta found a way to invite me to a game, so we can now both fumble our way through not knowing wtf is happening lol


Speaking about Terraforming Mars Beta:


Actually I created a private game with @js619 (invited him) then left the game.
After a while I re entered the game and found RESUME button which stated that he accepted the game. Then I was able to take a turn and left again.
After a bit I received a notification it was my turn.
Seems async to me, besides the fact I didn’t receive a notification JS accepted the game.

I think I need to play the tutorial, I have no clue about what the game is…I only like sci-fi settings.
At a first glance the app seems well done.


We did manage to get a game going like this on Steam too, though the 15-day timer does make it difficult I think.

Can’t wait to try the beta, though! Will have to wait until I get home.


Wow, and there’s Bang, too. Way back when, that was one of my go-to apps (although they did sketchy stuff like charge for separate editions).

For anyone who’s never played, Bang is a crazy-fun multiplayer experience.


There’s only a 15 day timer? Ouch…


Anyone know how to add someone to the friends list in TM? Or can someone invite me to a game?


Didn’t notice timers but I can confirm the game is async, the good async.
Received notifications both for game invites and turns.

Game seems really too complicated for my tastes but the app is really well done, the planets and the tiles are really gorgeous.


That was in Steam. Maybe they listened to people and upped it for this (and will put it on the Steam version too)? I hope so.

But yeah, I’m guessing they kept the 15-day timer, which is the same as Ticket to Ride (and which is doable in Ticket to Ride but I’m not sure about Terraforming Mars with drafting)


I obviously don’t know your tastes, but I do know that Terraforming Mars is much less complicated than it seems at first. I held off on playing of for a long while because it just looked too complicated to be worth my time but once I was finally convinced to play it made so much sense that it really put other games to shame in terms of learning curve. At least that was my experience.


Good job stealing my thunder! I thought my on mars news was pretty neat, but your terraforming mars news was even better