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Oh wow, is it a board game or a modified version?


The description reads like it’s the board game. It says “The official digital adaptation of the board game…”


Yes and no, apparently.

I haven’t played the board game, but it’s more like a 40-episode campaign where you are playing it solo.

I’ve heard people say that the variable damage and hit points on the zombies is different from the board game, but I don’t know for sure.


Looks like this is out on iOS as well; haven’t grabbed it so can’t attest whether or not its worth it.


I grabbed this, may play it on a break today to give it a shot.


I grabbed it on release day and haven’t played much. Initial impressions are that it looks good, plays solidly, and doesn’t do anything innovative. Exactly what it bills itself as: a light 4X game.


Just for giggles, I figured that I’d point out that both 1775: Rebellion and 1812, great board games that were digitized with weak multiplayer and almost zero post-release support, have a new price…$12.99…


Wait… did they raise the cost? :open_mouth:


Yes, they did…



Tropico updated to a universal app today. Haven’t gotten it yet, but will certainly be buying it the next time I’m in a buying mood.

Also, I have to give props to Feral. They seem to have 3 iPhone games to their name - Tropico, Rome: Total War, and Grid Autosport. This is a developer who know what they are doing!


Played through Zombicide over the weekend. It was ok, no real challenge (3 starred every level but 2 on the first try), story was fine, lots of loot & progression, couple of bugs but no real show stoppers. Decent mindless time waster that’ll be forgotten by tomorrow.


Spellsword Cards: Origins just released.

While last month’s Spellsword Cards game (Demontide?) looked like an offline Hearthstone, this one reminds me a little more of Meteorfall, at least based on the screen grabs.

I’m a sucker for card games and will undoubtedly buy this at some point, but if any of you have any experience with it, let me know what you think.


I’ve been playing the beta on Android for a month or so now and I’m much more a fan of Origins than Demontide. Definitely right about the Meteorfall influence.

Also that portrait UI makes me very happy as I predominantly play games while commuting or on smoke breaks.


I like the simplicity of this one but damn, everything makes it crash.

Right now you can’t switch to another app and return or check a notification without it crashing on you. If it crashes, you’ll have lost all progress on your current game.

There doesn’t appear to be an auto save between turns, so while after a crash it’ll give you the option to continue, it brings you to the galaxy map but there are no planets or anything you can interact with. You have to hard restart the app to do anything from here.

The only save option is Save & Quit at the moment, so it’d be a few extra steps to ensure you don’t lose progress.

Good game but these crashes make it pretty frustrating to play.


Humble Boardgame bundle…

…lots of well known stuff if anyone wants to complete their steam collection :stuck_out_tongue:


Dead Cells has officially been announced for iOS. It will be a premium game and will release this summer for $10. While I personally can’t imagine playing this with virtual controls, I am in complete support of premium games on mobile, so this is great news in my book.


Oh interesting. Virtual controls seem like a weird fit on this one for me, but I could see them working in some ways. I’m curious to see if they adjust times as I assume it’ll be far harder to hit some of the challenge times with touch controls.

Do you know if it’s just iPhone/iPad or is it also hitting Apple TV? I could see that being viable with a controller for sure.


The press release states iPhone/iPad. No mention of Apple TV. I’ve contacted them asking and will pass it along when I hear back.


Thanks! It’ll be interesting to see how they adapt this if it’s smaller screens only.