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This might be the most perfect top down shooter I’ve ever played.


My most successful run so far. You get a gear swap (new weapon shield and ship body) or new modifier every time you level up, and a few “rerolls” you accumulate to refresh the ones you can buy when you level up.

It’s got some of the twitcyness of shmups, and a lot of min-maxy ability and gear picking strategy of games like Diablo. It’s a really weird and addictive combination.

This run I focused entirely on getting as many drones as possible, and used my rerolls whenever I didn’t see an item with bonuses for drones.

In the end I had 8-10 assault drones circling my ship, shooting rockets at whatever enemy was closest to me, I had 3 free roaming drone allies who were cruising around the screen attacking whatever was closest to them, and a small army of 8 or so blade drones I could fire out the front of my ship, which spun like a ninja star damaging anything that came in contact with them and firing off the occasional energy bolt towards the closest enemy before boomeranging back towards me.

At this point, I began to consistently outnumber the enemy waves spawning in, but we stood no chance against a well shielded enemy that had a constant beam weapon focused on my ship and kept teleporting closer to me every couple seconds.


Tropico has been out on iPad for a little while now, but the game is getting a universal update April 30. It seems that phones starting at the iPhone SE will be able to run it.

I have an iPad Air 2, but I don’t foresee getting a new iPad for a long, long, time. I do, however, tend to upgrade my phone every couple of years if there is a compelling reason. I prefer these games on my phones simply because I’m much more likely to be able to run them. Yes, the iPad screen is far superior for gaming, but in a couple weeks I am going to have both Civ VI and Tropico in my pocket wherever I am. That’s pretty awesome in my book.


Fully agreed - I held off on it on the iPad, as that’s usually reserved for my multiplayer games. Even if I do fire up a game of Civ VI on it, it invariably ends in distraction when an Ascension or TtA notification pops up. The single player games get a lot more play on my phone… will probably (definitely) pick up Tropico then.

Also, saw a tweet this morning that Grimvalor (great platformer from late last year) is coming to Android soon (translated: I forget what the tweet said exactly and am too lazy to look it up) for those of you gaming on those.


Our friends over at PocketTactics have reminded us that Asmodee is listing Zombiecide as coming to mobile next week.


I saw this and meant to post, but my company decided to “reduce overhead” and let a bunch of people go. So, I’ve been sitting at work waiting for the headsman’s axe and too afraid to pen a short blurb today.

On the positive side, we’ve all been reassured that this will make us more productive and competitive, so there’s that. Also, we have a bright future. Unless you were let go today, I guess.


Nothing crushes morale more than this. I’ve been through that many times. It’s hard. Best of luck.


Having been on both sides of that fence, I have nothing good to offer :/.

Except maybe, remember why you choose to offer your labour and services to them, because it is a two way arrangement


My sympathies. My employer has just been through a voluntary redundancy round, with ominous talk of “hard choices will be made” (gotta love the passive voice) if not enough minions chose to fall on their sword. As it happens, the terms were structured so that all our younger team members left along with those within 5 years of retirement, thus wiping out the sources of both new ideas and institutional memory at once. I admire the efficiency. Anyway, we’re going to go on being a world beating company with products our customers love. Or something. The board level and upper management are unchanged, of course.


They have to keep you, I figure.

I flew a lot since you got your new post. And not one of those planes fell out of the sky. Not one. That’s 100 percent efficiency.


Sorry to hear about that Dave. It’s not quite comparable but I found out that we’d been sold to the current owners the day the sale went through. Was called in for a meeting, told the situation and told to pack my things and leave. Talk about pulling rugs… Thankfully, me still having a job was part of the deal.

I hope things have turned out ok for you.

By the by, despite the newsletter clearly stating the 24th, I’ve been informed by AD’s PR company that the release day is actually the 23rd. Apologies for the confusion.


I’ve definitely been there before, working in games publisher QA for 5 years we’d have a game get shipped and then see half our testing floor leave to never return if there wasn’t another game for them to move onto. I somehow managed to avoid the axe all those years, and there’s definitely a bit of survivors guilt that comes into play too.


Shit. It’s just shit.

Wish you all the strength you need right now.


Hang in there, Dave. The last time I went through that, I wound up much happier at my next job.

Your predicament is, unfortunately, all too common in the US these days.

I’ve also flown a lot the last few months and can vouch for your exceptional work : )


One Deck Dungeon is going Universal next month.
Portrait too!!!

I wish I was in the beta to play it already!!!




Picked up Twelvesmith today for $1.99 - not a bad little filler game for the phone in the vein of Threes. Deeper strategy to it than it first seemed, especially following the tutorial. Recommended for those that like the abstract puzzler type. iOS and Android links on the dev’s website.

eta: you can try it on the website too; phone version gets you ad free play, and… mobile, obv.


Zombicide is out.

Zombicide di Asmodee Digital


$5 on the US App store; no multiplayer in the description, unless I glossed over it. Oh well, though. I’m sure I’ll get this next time I’m bored.


New mobile 4X game from the Devs of Frost. (think iOS release is later on)