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Photographs is darker than I expected, but I’m really enjoying it, and the polish (pixel art, voiceover, music) is all top notch.


This one does look fun and the dev expects to have an iOS build out in another month or so.


Might be out on iOS too, not sure.


Yup, it’s on iOS too. I’m downloading now …


This is a good one! Easy to learn, fun single player engine builder -just grabbed it and enjoying it so far.

ETA: doesn’t appear to have device sync, which is disappointing

ETA2: dev is pretty responsive on discord, which is nice - working on the (minor) bugs and considering device syncing


Thankfully, until it hits iOS, it plays silky smooth via the Nox emulator on my PC.

It feels a lot like a clever hybrid of other card roguelikes such as Dream Quest, Meteor Fall, and Night of the Full Moon. Unlike games like Slay the Spire, your opponents each have their own thematic decks. I also like how your character is a combination of your chosen class and race which both shape how your character develops over the game.


...all will be revealed Tomorrow.

— Czech Games Edition (@czechgames) April 8, 2019

Please say it’s Tash-Kalar, @Neumannium?!?

eta: sorry, not sure why the video isn’t embedding. I’ve been defeated by the internet yet again…


I’m thinking Bunny Bunny Moose Moose: the Exorcist Edition.


You’ll let us know as soon as it shows up, right?

So I can steal…I mean reference you as my source?


I don’t have any insider info on this one, so I’m guessing it’s not digital (they’re pretty good at keeping my in the digital loop). Then again, who knows? I’m checking Twitter every few minutes like an idiot, though, so I’ll post whenever they do…

Yep, it’s a board game. And not even a new Vlaada one. :frowning:


Well that was…anticlimactic.

Oh well…


Well, I guess I can stop daydreaming about CGE announcing that the TTA expansion is ready to go and is being released tomorrow…


This game… is not something I care about. Boo.


Over at TouchArcade they are reporting that the next entry in the Motorsport Manager series is coming this summer and it will be Motorsport Manager Online. I’ll admit, I am very intrigued by this. On one hand, it could be a competitive tycoon-style game, which would be really cool, in my opinion. On the other hand, they could also entirely ditch the core of their previous games and make this yet another social “game.” That would be very disappointing.


Unfortunately, I feel like the core game would lend itself to a whole bunch of F2P shenanigans.


Oh, it could. I’m just imagining something crazy like the ability to make a league and actually compete for prize money to get better drivers and technology…it would be very cool. It probably won’t happen.


Let’s hope for “very cool” and just be prepared for disappointment …


Pixel People is being remade for iOS. For those who never played it, Pixel People is a little city builder with a sci-fi touch and a neat little mechanic where you can combine the DNA of your little pixel people to create new types of people. The original game was free to play with timers for buildings and projects, but it is the type that didn’t bother me much, though I can’t exactly tell you why it is okay for me in games like this or Tiny Tower, but not in myriad other games. Anyways, I’m looking forward to the re-release, though I hope they lose the Facebook ties.


Pathway released yesterday on Steam. The theme is Indiana Jones-ish, the maps remind me of FTL, the battles and squad management invoke XCOM. Only played about an hour so far, but I really like what I’ve seen.


I’m happy as long as the remake ends up on Android with a quicker turnaround than the original game. Think it was released like 3 years later on Android originally. And yes, the facebook stuff can go away.

And in parallel to that, I’m also looking forward to Nimblebits new Lego Tiny Tower game.