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Steam Sale started today. FYI


The moment you open your e-Mails to see a mail stating that 25 items on your wishlist are on sale…


Yeah, I have 21 items. And the one item I wanted to be on sale, Parkitecht, is not on sale.


Heh, my e-mail said 25 items as well! :grin:

Looks like it’s time to get caught up on Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings II DLC, again. :thinking:

Two recent, and good, articles to help identify the impact of the available DLC on systems and regions that might affect me:


Dave teased over at BGG that he gets to spend his holidays playing the TTA expansion but can’t yet talk about it!

I think we need to come up with some hidden codes. Like blink twice if it is as amazing as we all hope…


So far, (blink) (blink)


Somebody go put a comment in my Combat Mission AAR so I can finish it up later on, since apparently Discourse won’t allow me to make more than 3 consecutive comments.

Also, you guys are missing out if you don’t click the gif links.


Mutant Year Zero is a delight so far.

X-COM minus the aliens, add a fallout or stalker-esque wasteland setting and starring a “buddy cop” duo of a mutant Duck and Boar (picking up more people along the way). The world is thick with atmosphere and the voice acting / story is top notch. The combat feels perfect, especially when you’re sneaking around enemies to get the best position before kicking off a sneak attack. So realtime sneaking around the map, turn based when you start to fight.


That looks awesome!


that looks great…

PC only?

That is lame…


edit: I guess it’s on PS? I mostly only play games like this on a desktop.


The trailer he linked says PS4.


yeah, I saw that after. I went to see it on Steam and it was Windows only there.


Metacritic has reviews for PC, PS4, and X-Box One. I didn’t see a physical product on Amazon, so I’m guessing it it digital-only.

Edit: I found it on my PS Store for $35 (US).


It’s an Unreal Engine game, think that might means Windows only outside consoles.


Looks like Binding of Issac was completely removed from the App Store, both for new buys and for those who purchased it. I can confirm that it no longer shows up in my purchased list.

This is super shady, and really burned a bunch of people, considering Nicalis stated they would be updating it as time went on and there were never any updates.

Current running theories are 2 fold - it’s gone forever, or Nicalis is going to reissue the app as a brand new purchase and force everyone who bought it to rebuy it. iOSGaming Subreddit Thread


Things like this are why I no longer consider app purchases a good use of money. Games that don’t work or disappear after a couple of years, when contrariwise games like Campaigns on the Danube or to a lesser extent Eagle Day to Bombing of the Reich and War in the Pacific get compatibility and balance patches years and years down the line, in CotD’s case over a decade after release.


Polytopia updated with a new tribe, and more robust MP supposedly.


Speaking of which, I have the urge to do some WH40K, purge and cleanse some xenos and heretics, while preparing for the Jan 24, 2019, scheduled release of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 … do we know what happened to Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathan?

I’m guessing @Private_Prinny would know? Right now I’m considering picking up the Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach - Complete Edition bundle on the Steam Winter Sale, but will likely play the original Warhammer Gothic: Armada to get in the mood for the sequel. :thinking:


I assumed it was a victim of the appocalypse.


Leviathan was just randomly pulled out of the blue. I know this because it was in my shortlist to download before a trip and was gone two days later when I actually tried to download it. I don’t remember my timeline all that well but I think it survived the appocalypse. Whether is was pulled before or after, though, it wasn’t because of the 32-bit purge.