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Has anyone seen anything about Warhammer: Chaosbane? It looks like it is a Diablo-style ARPG set in the Warhammer universe. From the brief bit I saw, it looked cool. I also immediately thought of @Private_Prinny, who I know likes the 40k stuff, but I’m not sure about the fantasy games.


Unfortunately I don’t know much aside the one trailer back whenever. I am not up to date on the WH fantasy side of things. I am too much of a sci-fi nerd to be bothered much about fantasy stuff. The last (and only) purchase in that category was Warhammer Quest for me.

Also another ARPG aside Grim Dawn, Titan Quest and Wh40k Martyr would get me even more in trouble productivity wise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Path of Exile is releasing on PS4 in January for those without an existing way to play it. The new Betrayal league has found a satisfying way to integrate the last year worth of league content into the core game (plus a bunch of new content). It may be a bit overwhelming for newcomers, but it provides a lot of depth that could keep people interested…


Santorini app early access beta for iOS and Android:


I read about that on some other site, too.


Haha. Ok, only visiting that site to check out some game reviews if I am interested in a board game, so I havent seen your post over there.
Besides, i heard that community can be a bit toxic sometimes :smirk:


Tropico is out on iPad. My Air 2 won’t run it, so I’ll be waiting for the iPhone release next year, but this is one that is likely worth picking up if you like simulation games.


Oh no, are we finally hitting that point with the Air 2? It still feels nearly as fast as it did when I got it three years ago…


This game is starting to look so good. Basically everything I’d hoped Star Command was going to be when I regretfully Kickstartered it. (no offense, TheDukester, since I saw you post that in the readers choice thread)

Doubt I’ll regret backing that, as BugByte’s previous releases have been solid so far.


I think @TheDukester was joking. I could be wrong, but didn’t he get into it a bit with the developer?


I’m pretty sure Owen did. I don’t think they appreciated his review…

Of course, nowadays, PT runs sponsored articles for F2P junk. I’m not angry…


TouchArcade may have just broken an embargo and @Neumannium may have been planning on posting something about this, but Civ VI is having massive sales. The full unlock is only $14.99 and, even cooler, it looks like IAP will be free on a 48-hour rotating basis.

Edit: The Poland pack is currently free.


A little of both. I was joking, and I did get into a bit with the idiots who made that game.


Not sure about an embargo, but we’re not on Aspyr’s radar at all regarding anything, so I usually find out about Civ news either from you guys or Twitter (or my daily…sometimes hourly…check of the App Store for an update)


Thanks for the heads-up. Need to check if/when it changes…still need the other packs.

Not that I am too stingy, but I have everything bought on PC (and the maingame on iOS) at full price already - so a bit of copper-saving here should be fine.


Which on itselfs makes me angry to no end. I was fine with the Command and Conquer cash-grab. I was sad and dissapointed on the Dungeon Kepper cash grab.
I am however positively furious about the desecration of Langrisser’s noble corps like this. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


It looks as if many of the winter sales are on. Acram games are on sale; many Asmodee games are on sale; I’d imagine there are more great sales but my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet and I’ve just been browsing the store at the same pace my wife browses shoes…

It may be a good time for all the decathlon participants to grab any games they don’t have if they are on sale.


Is it too late for disappointment of the year? In a surprise, one of my favorite teenage years’ games, played on a 386 (mayhaps even a PCjr?) has been released and, apparently, is chock full of f2p horseshit including energy and timers. Fuck you, Sad Puppy, fuck you - you should be sad.

From the lone App Store review, no doubt from some poor nostalgic bastard just like me:
### Almost had me

I was so excited to play lemmings again after so, so many years. And it is a fun version, done well for a mobile device.

Then the catch… the F2P kicked in. It’s rather tricky, really. You start to enjoy the game, run out of energy and see there’s unlimited energy for $7! Sweet! But wait…

That’s $7 for 2 hours of unlimited play. That’s ridiculous! There are full, premium games for far less that.

____It’d be fine if it were $7 to unlock the game completely that’d be awesome… but as it is, it’s way overpriced.



There goes my tiny hope for a true sequel to Lemmings 2. Sad day indeed ;-/


Noooooo! I’ve been waiting for so long for a great Lemmings game on iOS. It was such an amazing series so long ago.