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Twinfold came out yesterday. It’s a rogue like with Threes-like gameplay—you’re sliding blocks around and trying to combine them—but you’re also trying to avoid and kill enemies and level up your character as you go. Really cool game on iOS, Android, and Steam—store links are in the tweet I posted below.


Wishlisted it when I saw Slothwerks retweet that. Looks fun, will probably end up picking it up for the journey home from work today.

The O2 cell network is borked here (which I’m a customer of) so I’ll need something offline to keep me sane for the 1.5 hours on tube/trains.


Twinfold is amazing, legit heir to the best one handed portrait puzzle games/dungeon crawlers from Threes to Card Thief.
Can’t put it down, the threat level mechanic is brilliant.
Currently sitting at 55K.


It’s fun, yes; feels a little like an ultimate minimalisation of The Nightmare Cooperative. Not sure it has any great staying power, though, but the skills system might help with that?


According to the achievements it does have an ending.
So far I found the gameplay very varied, thanks to the different combos in skills that change a lot my approach to the board.

Thanks for citing The Nightmare Cooperative, imho one of the best dungeon crawlers ever (and my biggest complaint after the APPocalyse)


I remember bouncing off the Nightmare Cooperative … still not sure why. It really seemed like a game I would enjoy more.

I do also think the skills in Twinfold lend enough variety to each run that it’ll stay interesting for a while.


Thanks for the tip about twinfold. I’ve managed to get 8th on the leaderboard for fewest steps to 2048. I don’t know if that’s just a fluke or if it’s the kind of thing I can pull off at will. Time will tell


anyone else trying Star Trek Fleet Command? So far I am just letting myself be handheld through the game. There seems to be a lot going on.


Dammit, there goes my afternoon…


Dave tried it. He used up all of his ire on Command & Conquer or Start Trek may have gotten some, too.


Oh, I see it now. Yeah, build timers don’t bother me at all, I am patient.


I don’t necessarily have a problem with build timers. Years ago I played Travian and they didn’t bother me. The problem is that games these days are designed with timers in mind and timers become the sole gameplay mechanic with a shiny coat of paint to keep you interested.


I’m uncertain what to say … Epic games prints money without end with Fortnite, yet removes the Infinity Blade games from the App Store, 'The reason for their removal, according to Epic is, “it has become increasingly difficult for our team to support the Infinity Blade series at a level that meets our standards."

I didn’t own them, since they were not my cup of tea, but they appeared to be highly regarded, enough so that two sequels followed the first game. I know they’ve been out for years, but it’s surprising to me that Epic pulled the plug on them, given all the cash the studio has.


I tend to place the blame for something like this on Apple. Yes, Epic has a Scrooge McDuck-style vault of money, but at the same time, Apple is clearly not encouraging developers to maintain support for the platform. I know that technology changes and evolves and I understand that a developer must be aware of that fact, but Apple seems to make the process more difficult for developers on ios than on other platforms.


I don’t know that much about Apple and their game developers. Apple does appear to rake in a lot of cash, themselves, from their App Store, but doesn’t appear to support the devs as I would hope.

One item that comes to mind is that they don’t seem to provide the level of cloud save & multiple device sync support that I would have expected. I recall Guild of Dungeoneering never implemented it, due to the difficulty to do so.

I’ve always felt that I would have played more Guild of Dungeoneering if I could have had just one developed guild across multiple devices, the iPad where I can readily read the text, and the iPhone where I could quickly and conveniently do a dungeon expedition.


Guild of Dungeoneering is a great call! I didn’t get into it as much for the same reason.

My completely baseless observation is that with each yearly platform update and with the ever-changing hardware, a developer has to continually update a game to conform with the new OS and the new form factors or eventually have an obsolete game that may not even work.


Yep, and as a user I can update my old device to the new OS and get worse and worse performance over time, or I can face that I won’t be able to update my apps because they require the latest iOS. I’m off the Apple treadmill.


That is a valid concern. For me, I keep my mobile devices so long that I appreciate the security patches that Apple provides. If I was to go Android, I’d go with the Google Pixel for the same reason. When I started with Apple, Google had not yet released their Nexus line, and the Android phones available seemed to be geared to regular hardware replacement in order to acquire recent Android updates, which wasn’t geared towards me.

For me, personally, having been working with network security, the Apple software updates were exactly what I wanted, and figured the higher initial cost for Apple included the software support. :slight_smile:


I can say that’s the exact reason I’ve always owned a Nexus or Pixel Android phone.

In fact I still keep my Nexus 4 around as a backup gaming/music device as it’s the most reliable bit of tech I’ve ever owned. And it’s still able to play Dungeon Raid without all the issues newer devices have with the frame rate.


Did anyone tried this?
Looks pretty cool.