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Yeah, it seems like to even begin to play at high level one would need to memorize thousands of opening setups. I’m not playing, just saying Neo is fighting Morpheus…


High-level chess will have to go to new formats to have any relevancy. Twelve draws out of 12? No other sport/competition would accept that at its highest level.

BTW, I’ve always liked 538’s chess coverage. Their reporter reported on all 12 games, and somehow made the draws interesting.


At least to play chess professionally you only have to buy the same cheap board everyone else has, very much unlike magic.


Good point!


You know what would be cool? If they played with theme boards. My Civil War board is vastly more interesting the traditional blacks and whites.


This actually looks intriguing. Plague, Inc. entertained me for a bit and I like the idea behind this new game. I’ll probably give it a look, fully aware that no matter what theme it will probably be the shallowest of real-time strategy games.


Pre-ordered it… wth… loved Plague when I gave it the attention it deserved. It still lives on my iDevices.


Just browsing the App Store I came across a game called “Gem Rush Board Game.” I was a bit skeptical about the generic-sounding name so I checked BGG and it is, indeed, a real tabletop game by Victory Point Games. I know absolutely nothing else about it.


It is!

I just got my kickstarted version of the tabletop game and hope to actually play it…soon.

I should have given the digital version some love. Tomorrow…


It was a hoot on Steam, so purchased immediately!

I’m “LordGek”, please feel free to hit me up for a game, although I’m still pretty new to it at this point, it’s good fun.


There is a board game sale on Amazon today:


Axis & Allies Zombies???

What travesty is this? Can this insane “Zombies! It needs moar zombies!” craze FINALLY die down? As in really dead dead?


Well, failing to stay dead is at least thematically appropriate.


Rebel Inc. hs released on the App Store for $1.99 USD. So far, I’m liking it a lot.


Afghanistan '11 was pulled from the App Store, because apparently you can’t call the Taliban bad guys…


Apple sucks so bad.


So does Slitherine, though. Zero sympathy. And I absolutely love the “wonder why we don’t do iOS any longer” passive-aggressive nonsense. Maybe it’s because you suck at it? And rip people off? And never made it more than a fourth priority, anyway? Fuck off, Slitherine.

However … that being said … it is, of course, beyond absurd to remove historical simulations from a marketplace. There are times when Apple is just too big … and common sense is often the victim.


I assume this means that all historical simulations/games will be removed, right? I was considering picking up Carrier Battles and seeing as the enemy is Japan, it should be on the chopping block, too, right?

The App Store is a cesspool.


Or you could grab it and never take it off.your device, because it’s a great little game…or back their PC Kickstarter (although that looks likely to fail).


I did. I was just being sarcastic.