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I can be online now when you want for some hours.
If you have twitter, I’m Pitta_twit (so we can message and sync).


So unless you were online NOW I just opened the game and BAM!!! I found your invite and I could hop in the game and start it.
So I take back what I said, apparently you can invite people and wait for him to accept out of the game. Awesome.


This is all a game changer. Like with other games, I assumed Asmodee has screwed up asynchronous or left it out completely. Please keep us updated because if this works, I’ll pick it up as well.


I just grabbed Harald as well. mgeiger9 is my username—happy to get some games going so I can learn how to play.


I just added you in Asmodee friends and started a game.
Let me know if you see it (you should receive the invite opening the game).

Actually the game works very well, it syncs between devices (just hopped from iPhone to iPad) and everything…BUT I don’t receive notifications for some reason.
But the game did ask for notification permissions and I checked even the iPhone notification settings (Harald is there with all bells and whistles).
Not sure if it’s me or a bug or anything else.

Now I have only to learn how to play :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll let you know.
So far it seems to work pretty well as you would expect, BUT I don’t get notifications.


Yup, I got it. I also don’t know what I’m doing, so this should be fun.


@Pitta Can you still see our game? I tried to resume it and it doesn’t show up in my games list …


Sorry it’s probably my fault.
I pressed ‘abandon’ in error (there is an error in the localization, they translated quit and abandon wrong in my language).
I found out the hard way playing with @whovian223 setting up and immediately abandoning a ton of games just to see him playing against AI every time (if you abandon the AI kicks in).
It was hilarious.

I’ve now switched to English and set up a new game.


But sadly, now our game has disappeared


Damn, I’m pretty sure I didn’t press abandon this time. I’ve set up a new one. Maybe it was me, I don’t.know, ow I’m monitor this new one pretty closely.

I wrote a lengthy email to the dev (there is a handy contact form in the game options) with all the quirks I found, notifications don’t working being the biggest one (also added no password saving, translation errors, no X support and potentially disappearing games) I’ll report if they answer me.
I suggest people doing the same.

Despite al, that the game (in single player.uer at least) is really damn good imho so I really hope everything will be fixed in MP.
Despite the bugs…when it’s working I must say it could be a nice async implementation (AI that kicks in when you forfeit, solid friend list, etc…).


Starting to get the hang of it, finally defeated the (easy) AI two times in a row with a clear strategy in mind.

I must say that I really REALLY like the game…so many strategies and possibilities, not to mention it’s definitely not a ‘race’ but a real struggle against an opponent, with many back and forth sometimes that can screw completely your opponent strategy.

Asmodee MUST fix the mp bugs, right now.
I can see this becoming easily one of my fav games in my daily async routine.

It’s just a supposition, but I’m guessing it’s not that games disappear, they time out because (server side) they set a really low timer for async because if I play a game within, let’s say, an hour or so…it’s working as you would expect.
Asmodee doesn’t answer during weekends but starting tomorrow I’ll pester them.
I feel this is a real underrated gem. Single player is great imho, but this could be a real masterpiece if mp worked as one would expect.

And I have yet to start the additional modes, including the expansion (which is included in the base game).

EDIT: proof and testing attachments.


I have bought the game also. See you soon at the table! (First I have to figure it out how it works…)


According to my empiric measurements games are canned (served side) after 4 hours being idle, which is of course absurd for an async game, even if games are very fast.
It’s not that async doesn’t work, it actually does work (including sending invites to your friends list, which is astounding per se for an a Asmodee game).

It’s pretty infuriating (on top on no iPhone X support, even if I must say it’s perfectly fine, I played hours on it without issues) because the more I play, the more I’m in love trying all sort of different strategies.
Every game is pretty different because even if you (eventually) start with the same plan, during the course of the game influence changes a lot, not to mention the opponent can fiddle with your village a lot too so it’s always an evolving and changing situation to which you must adapt and get the most from both actual turn and long term plan.
It’s amazing seeing how much you can do with just 6 types of cards.


If Asmodee patches the multiplayer for this game I will eat my phone.


For what is worth they answered me today sating all the issues I reported (notably: 4 hours timeout, no notifications, no password save, no X support) will be fixed.

I’m skeptical too, but I want to believe.

Despite all this, I really like the game and if you can bear to play without notifications IN A 4 HOUR TIMEFRAME, it’s an awesome async game.

I’m getting better if defeating the easy AI…can’t wait to move to the hard one and try the expansion.


@JMH.75 Our last game convinced me this is the perfect async game.

Playing almost live, completing it within the 4 hour timeframe, worked flawlessly.
Games are pretty fast anyway.

This 4 hours timeout is absurd and must be patched ASAP.


Missions expansion just landed in Star Realms.
Gives each player 3 random (gambit-esque) missions that can trigger a victory if completed during the match.


How about a nice game of chess?

I’m not a huge fan of chess since we have better gaming options now, but the world championship match is happening now and they are 12/12 draws, an American challenging Magnus.

This is a once every two-year event, and I believe it has never ended in 12 draws before now, so now they move on to Blitz and Armageddon rules, starting tomorrow.

I really like this guy’s commentary and analysis—


Chess, to me, is a little like Magic: The Gathering. There is casual play, which virtually anyone can dip their toes in to, then there is “professional” play, which is a trip down the rabbit hole that you might not survive with your sanity intact. I can appreciate the brain cells it takes to play at a high level, but the game just isn’t interesting enough to me to take that plunge.