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Fingers crossed they don’t drop some f2p nonsense on us.

Cinematic trailer:

Gameplay trailer:


Ready for a Dungeon Hunter 5 reskin?

I’m sure NetEase is


This story is worth following merely for the vitriol lol. I haven’t seen so much hate since @Neumannium had the nerve to post on BGG :wink:


Thankfully, people are blaming Blizzard and Activision and not Wyatt Cheng, so the vitriol is not being aimed at a person.


One hour of Diablo Immortal.

Frankly looks exactly Diablo 3 on my iPhone, and seems pretty glorious to me (way better than the promo video).

Hype rising.

No typical free to play UI on sight…we will see (surely it’s free to play).
As I’m not a competitive guy, so I’m fine with people being OP buying legendaries with money, just let me play normally solo or with some friends.


Most people out there immediately dismiss a game when it is announced for mobile. I do understand their fears that the game will be a shallow cash grab, but I also acknowledge that mobile games can be excellent in spite of what the internet tries to tell me. As for Diablo, I’m looking forward to it until I hear reasons otherwise.


With no intention to get political about a nanny state, but I otherwise found this interesting. Real name registration then compared to a police database, with facial recognition software…to stop kids playing games for too long? Ok


Of course that is the only use for it Citizen! The Party wouldn’t lie to us, Big Brother only has our best interests at heart!


The Ministry of Truth agrees with Citizen @athros.


Most likely anyone here who would want Civ 5 on Steam has it already, but just in case, or if you know someone you want to gift it to…Civ 5 Complete is on sale on Steam for $.82


err…in the old world it wants a bit more…are you maybe confusing the price of a DLC, or does the Bundle deduct all stuff you already own to calculate price?

It asks for 11,26€ on steampage in browser (I have it already so didn’t log in to check)

Still a great price for one of the best Strategy games of all time


Oh!!! I feel dumb.

Yes, I just clicked on the link here and it is $12.26, as I don’t have Steam here on my work computer.


Cat Lady just released today. I know absolutely nothing about it other than that it is an actual card game.


Read my review! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, the Cataclysm expansion for Talisman dropped sometime last week.

Haven’t explored it too much, but it does change up the main board a fair bit.


Show off


I’m desperate here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Over at Humble Bundle there is a Warhammer Bundle, including several Talisman Products, Space Marine, Battlefleet Gothic as well as Dawn of War 1 (and 3) and some Vermintide stuff. For 12 of your local units of transaction it should be a good deal.

Also there is an Audiobook Humble Bundle as well based on Black Libary’s Warhammer and Warhammer 40k (30k) if that is your thing…


Last we heard, Exodus Proxima Centauri was supposed to be coming to iOS in December. Given they overshot their PC release date by 18 months or so, I’m not very optimistic, but has anyone heard anything recently about this one?


Harald by Asmodee is on sale for a mere dollar.
Liked the look of it so I grabbed it 3 hours ago not knowing what to expect because almost nobody talks about it.

I’m really glad I picked this up.

First, the cons I immediately noticed.

  1. It’s not X optimized. No big deal because UI is really good but always a letdown.
  2. Typical Asmodee nonsense async implementation. Both (or 4 for team matches) players must be online for the game to start…then it’s proper async (it asked me for notifications so I assume they are there, haven’t tried it yet). It uses the Asmodee friend list.

That said, the game is really damn good and susprisingly deep considering the limited cards pool.
It’s super fast and super polished with great art.
I thought I finally beat the first AI with a super combo only to see my opponent destroy my plans in last turn; I had no countermeasures of course.

Can’t wait to play it more.
Does anyone here own the game and wants to try an async game? Let me know.


I just bought it and added you to my friends list.

Let me know when is a good time to sync up