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I am on chapter 8 of FF 13 right now and I really should just finish it, and am really enjoying the story, but I HATE the ATB combat system, so I have been working on it slowly for like a year.


I’ve had those same thoughts. I used to love sinking 40+ hours into console games, and now I’ll never finish anything that long. Having kids–and therefore feeling like I don’t have as much time to play–is part of the issue. But I’ll find myself not starting some games until I have a long period of time just to get started.

The stupid thing is that I probably put as much time into short, simple games on my phone or iPad as I would into finishing a solid RPG.


I haven’t played FF13 since it launched but I do remember the final chapter or two being a much welcome change to the game. You’ll see what I mean. Unfortunately, the you’re stuck with the battle system.


All the above.

I think … I won’t start X until I have a real chunk of time available, which is not now, so I will just play this easy to pick up game and then find that I have spent a right old chunk just as @geigerm says.

I really want to play The Witcher 3 but I stopped The Witcher 2 at the start of chapter 3 (@JammaTal syndrome). I can’t restart until I have time to spend mugging up again on the systems and remembering what fits where. So I just do another Shadowrun mission instead.

No complaints - this is a first world problem.

Also the weird thing … sometimes there is an element of “I will really enjoy that so I will save it up, keep on looking forward to it, and play this other merely great thing instead”. That probably applies to Dishonored 2 for me right now.


Sigma Theory Beta has kicked off.


Got the email on that today… another one for which I’m stuck waiting for the iOS port.


Ascension just updated with Valley of the Ancients expansion. I can only it assume it adds more cards and some form of mechanic to the game - haven’t played it yet, although I’ll certainly buy it. Send all matches my way.


Your assumption made me laugh.


Shall I send you a separate invite just for this one, or did we want to end one of our other games? :slight_smile:


You’re not alone. Life does just get in the way. I’ve been playing the heck out of Invisble Inc on my iPad recently, because for some reason that is the game i need right now, but it is just so adaptable to whatever else is going on. I can play one level, or a couple of turns of a level, or blast through a whole campaign.

I would love to sit down and spend time with a game (I really want to finally finish Signal from Tölva) but it isn’t going to happen. Heck, i haven’t even been playing Into the Breach because that requires a laptop, and nope.


Whatever your pleasure… what’s one more Ascension game at this point lol


Some guy I feel like I recognize for some reason posted over at BGG that Love Letter is out now on iOS. He also posted that it continually crashes on his iPhone XS Max. Since I literally bought the same phone yesterday, I’m not rushing out to buy and test Love Letter. The app description does state that there is online, but this is Asmodee so you know the odds of it being asynchronous are about the same as the last Mega Millions drawing.


Don’t listen to that guy. He’s a hack, I’ve heard…


Steam Halloween Sale is on until Nov 1. Lot’s of stuff on sale.


Old school RuneScape for mobile is out for IOS now.

EDIT: Link (because I forgot)


Was anyone else on the edge of their seat when they brought 2K out at the Apple announcement event? I really thought they’d drop XCOM2… but no, some NBA nonsense. I’d have bought the new iPad for XCOM2 without batting an eye…


I was not watching, but I think I associate 2k with their NBA games more than anything else, just based on popularity. Granted, I like their strategy titles better, but I (and we) am in the vast minority.


Does anyone have a web-based alternative to AppShopper? I don’t know what the deal is but it has not really been updating the last couple months.


Same here. I haven’t received a version update or price drop e-mail notification in what feels like over 3-4 months.


The only one working since some months is:
Not as simple as app shopper but gets the work done.