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I played Stardew Valley on the Switch. It’s not bad, but it is a very different style of game from most of the ones I like. Very exploratory, which makes it feel pretty chilled-out until you realize you planted your crops one day too late a month ago and now they’re all worthless. So it feels a bit punishing on a few rare occasions until you learn what you need to pay attention to in the game, which is tonally a poor fit.


I’m likely not going to be picking it up. Too much “chores as gameplay” for my tastes. The other gotchas in there, like the crops planted one day too late, also made me a bit batty because there’s no way to know before it happens the first time.

This is also why Harvest Moon and Rune Factory didn’t really click with me.


For those who might be waiting for the Color of Madness on iOS, it’s been delayed a week due to some critical bugs someone found last minute with saving and loading to Dropbox. It is out for Switch and XB1 however.



A poster over at BGG who seems to speak for Digidiced claims that Indian Summer is coming to IOS this week.


Nomad just released Cat Lady, which is a far jump from another Talisman game.


Doesn’t appear to be on iOS yet (or at least not iPhone).

It’s a great game, though! I even did a review for it.


Yeah, I wasn’t sure about the theme at first but I’m loving it now. Real quick and fun set collection game.


Humble Bundle are currently running a ”Tabletop Sale” with decent-looking prices on lots of Steam boardgame ports; may be worth people’s checking out.


I know it’s a bit distant from the typical game this website writes about but…as some you appreciated GrimValor know that one of the best games in recent years is coming to Android and hopefully on iOS too.

Also, I love having @js619 spending money. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dead Cells.

EDIT: in case you wonder, Playdigious has taken down the link. The plot thickens :slight_smile:


Confirmed by multiple news outlets, though it was just a pre-order at this time.


I’ve had a hard time getting in to Grimvalor mainly because of the controls. The game seems excellent and I have nothing bad to say, but I am just plain terrible with virtual controls and do not have any kind of controller for my phone. I think Dead Cells is a great game but I cannot fathom playing it with virtual controls, either. I’m all for iOS getting the same love as the consoles, but some games just aren’t for me no matter how good they are (read: games that require speed, skil, competence…).


For those who like the Monster Taming RPG’s, Siralim 3 released for mobile a couple of days ago. There is a much needed patch for it that will hopefully hit iOS tomorrow (it fixes controls, and allows customization).


I am a Pokémon fanatic; I have bought systems just for the games over the years. I haven’t found a monster collector that can touch Pokémon for me, and the iOS offerings have been entertaining for a few hours at best. I’ll probably give Siralim a shot at some point, but it has an uphill battle ahead as I’m very blinded by nostalgia.


Have you played any of the Siralim games?


I have not.


Monster Taming is hitting a monster to a certain health level and extracting a core from that creature. With 3 cores and some resources, you summon one. Once you have a solid stable of creatures, you can start breeding them. Your monster party size is 6 - turn based, JRPG style combat.

Crafting also comes in artifacts, portal stones, things to make your monsters stats jump, spells…the list goes on.

All of the dungeons are procedurally generated, there are 15 tile sets each with their own god who have favor to keep track of. Befriending them gets you direct teleports to their tileset, a creature and an artifact (at least that’s true of #2).

The list of stuff to do got bigger too. So overall, it’s a solid game for the price.


The Color of Madness ($4.99 USD) and The Musketeer (Free) update for Darkest Dungeon hit last night.

Time to start a new run!

EDIT: New run started. Now to figure out if I should post it up or not.


I was pontificating last night. My taste in games is quite eclectic and quite mercurial. I play nearly all genres and I’ve had highs and I’ve had lows with each. I often find that I get fixated on a particular genre for chunks of time - if I’ve played a good RPG, I want more RPGs; if I’m into sci-fi at the moment, I find sci-fi games. This is all to say that I have wide tastes.

Read Dead Redemption 2 comes out this week and by all accounts it is going to be an epic experience. I already like Westerns, and the first Red Dead Redemption really captivated me. Not that I put a ton of stock in all the “professional” reviews on the internet, but there is no doubt in my mind that RDR2 will be one of the highest reviewed games of all time across all platforms. But I’m not going to get it.

Perhaps it is as simple as growing older and having the obligations of life take up my time, but more and more I find that I just can’t lose myself in most of these huge AAA games anymore. I really want RDR2, but I know I would play for a couple glorious hours and then struggle to find the desire to give it the time it deserves. The same happened earlier this year with Horizon: Zero Dawn, which is an amazing game that I just fizzled out on.

Lately I’ve been playing fighting games like Street Fighter and racing games. The short-burst competitive gaming doesn’t require that I invest much time (except for the time it actually requires to get good, which I usually don’t care about). I’m thinking about picking up the new Call of Duty, a series I haven’t played for many years, just for the quick games. I can’t wait for Smash Brothers Ultimate.

So I’m trying to figure out this shift in my gaming preferences. Like I said, it may just be the demands of life, but the change hasn’t translated to other media. I still read long novels, still like my epic movies, still play long-ish board games. Another possibility is that the advent of mobile gaming has introduced me to bite-sized gaming.

Is there a point to this post? Not really. I’m just streaming my conscious to some people that may or may not have had similar thoughts.


very much so!
i’m stranded in many games which i really love and adore, but nonetheless i have trouble to find motivation to go on.

Breath of Fire V, Rogue Galaxy, KotOR, XenoSaga II, Final Fantasy 12 & 13, XenoBlade Chronicles, Resonance of Fate, Dragon Age Inquisition, Valkyria Chronicles, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Eternal Sonata, Fallout 3 (2nd run in unlimited), Wasteland 2, Witcher 3, Darkest Dungeon, Divinity:Original Sin and just now Dragon Quest 11.

and there are many more smaller games on iOS, like Deathwatch: Tyranid Invasion, Ticket to Earth, Transistor, Trulon, Machinarium, Lunar SSST, Ravenmark, Banner Saga, Warhammer Quest 2 etc

danger of leaving is greatest when everything runs silky smooth and my characters seem to rule or when a chapter is finished.


It looks awesome, but I’m so far behind in video games that there’s no way I’m going to get it unless something massively changes.

I’m still playing Fallout 4. Probably 50-60 hours or more into it, and many more left. But it’s taken me months to do it.