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Wait…does relocating mean I could lose to you in TtA and SoI face-to-face? Intriguing…


ooo, and Labyrinth!


No worries Neumo. The situation you describe has happened to me a few times, and I’m sure to many others on here, so we understand.

That you already have had interviews and have interviews lined up is quite impressive. I’m in different industries and have a degree but in the past it’s actually taken me many months before even getting to an interview, so relatively I’d say you’re doing well.
Even when it took me a little while to land a new job, I soon learnt I wish I had just stopped and appreciated the time off more. And I wish I had of just kept it in perspective that it’s just a matter of time. So long as you can manage the financial burden temporarily then you should try and enjoy the time off.

I know that’s hard as mentally our minds tell us at seemingly every minute of the day (when newly jobless), that we should be getting back in to any old job ASAP. But try and relax that feeling and rejuvenate.

It’s a matter of time, and you’ll land one soon I’m sure.


I just watched the League of Legends World Championship finals and it is really interesting to see the state of top-tier e-sports. LoL is selling out arenas, has sponsors like Louis Vuitton (who made a bespoke trunk just to hold the champion’s trophy), and has entertainment that rivals any sporting event I’ve seen. I still don’t know what I think of it in terms of actually calling it a sport, but it really does interest me how the world of competitive entertainment is changing.


Wishing you the best, Dave!

One of these will end up working for you and you’ll get back on your feet again.

You’ve built more than a web site, here. You’ve built a community.

And we’ve got your back in the meantime!

Speaking of which, I guess I should go to the other thread and post my latest review. :slight_smile:


Wtf, didn’t you just get that job? Why do companies hire people just to turn around and let them go months later? This is why loyalty to an employer is a mug’s game; they sure as shit dont have any to you.


I had breakfast yesterday with three former colleagues, one of whom was laid off last week (another is a friend of 30-plus years).

The four of us were all at the same company less than a year ago; today, it’s just me. At one point I remarked, ‘You know, something is just wrong when the system works like this.’ "

And … well … there was a point when I started typing this. But it appears to be gone. I guess all I can offer, @Neumannium, is that it’s important to remember that it’s not you, it’s the fucked-up way we (try to) match employers and workers. Followed by the effed-up way that employees have become as disposable as old diapers.


Late-stage capitalism. Viva la revolution. You did nothing wrong and will bounce back, Dave–we all have at one point or another.


Once you get given your notice of redundancy, you realise it is just one big transaction. They don’t care about you. Your boss might, your work mates might, but the business doesn’t.

The faster you realise and appreciate that, the better.

And that’s okay!


It really is not.


Civ 6 updated with Gathering Storm this morning. Price is $39.99 USD


Over at PocketTactics they are reporting that Nomad has parted ways with Asmodee. I find this interesting as it seems to be the first move away from Asmodee after it seemed like the behemoth was gobbling up nearly every board game property.


Anyone else having issues with Civ VI? No matter how many times I download the expansion content it keeps telling me they all need to be updated…


It just updated them for me and then everything worked…I didn’t have any issues.

I had the issues you’re talking about when Rise & Fall came out, but not this time around.


Did they self resolve? I’ve downloaded them three times now…


When it asks you to update at the beginning, hit cancel or whatever the other option is. It just goes to the main menu and everything seems fine

It might keep asking you to update, but you can just cancel until Aspyer gets their shit together.


Update: I received an offer today and I’m going to accept it. Our long national nightmare is over. Actually, no, that nightmare is still in office. MY nightmare is over and hopefully this means I can get off my ass and start taking care of the site at least a little bit.

Thanks again to everyone for sticking with us!


Congrats, Dave!




Thanks…also, playing my new version of Maquis today and look what I spotted inside the cover.