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Tyron Couch is an awesome dude!


Great news! Congrats.


That’s awesome! I knew it would happen. Congrats.


Unity of Command 2 is out on Steam.

I liked the first UoC and I’m pretty excited for this one. Only that I do not sit on my PC these days. It would be great on Tablets.


I know we’ve had some Civ VI news circulating already, but nobody has mentioned yet that the full game unlock is only $5. That’s $5 for Civilization VI wherever you bring your phone…that’s pretty unbelievable. Even if you already own the game, spread this news to your friends!

Also, remember that last year around Christmas they gave out a new IAP for free for a week or so. There is no guarantee that that will happen again, but you never know.


Rise and Fall is on sale for $14.99 too, and the Switch version of the base game is $29.99 instead of $59.99


Is the Switch version in any way better than the iPad version? Just curious… Because of the reportedly bigger revenues in general on switch compered to mobile, I’m curious to know if it is in any way superior to the iPad version (graphics, loading times, controls) etc.


Graphics are nicer, especially in docked mode. Still long loading times, and only local multiplayer which sucks.


Local multiplayer? Pretty sure it didn’t have that before. Be cool to play with kids on couch.


Yes, local network and hotseat


Nice heads up. Going to buy that at that price!!!


Sometime in the last few weeks OD released HexRoller, another simple but addicting roll-and-write. These guys are the ones responsible for the Noch Mal! and Qwixx apps. While all these games are very simple, the are also well-made apps, though a bit barebones. Games take minutes, though, and if you have a significant other anything like my wife, you will quickly get in a bragging war over high scores.


Wars Across the World has a Cthulhu scenario and it is currently free. I don’t know if it is always free or if this is a limited time price, but I just ran across it now.


Anyone remember the almost but totally unsuccessful Magic Duels?
Well it just got an update that unlocks all cards for free.
Makes chews and burns battery still though, and not X optimised, which I actually thought I’d read somewhere that it was a requirement if updating an app?


That’s cool! I didn’t mind the app as much as other people seemed to. Of course, Magic Arena proves that MtG can be streamlined to perfection.


Holy Garfield! If nothing else, that’s a nice gesture. I mean, that app was dead. D-E-D.

I also hope it’s an indication that Arena is a serious iOS candidate. Or MacOS. Or both.


Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating!


There are quite a few sales going on but two that caught my eye are Hex War’s app versions of 1775 and 1812 for $4 each, which is down from their normal price of $12. The multiplayer in 1775 was terrible and neither app had been updated in at lest 2 years but the board games upon which the apps are based are fantastic so the apps might be a good way to learn or experience?


Apparently Takenoko just released on iOS. The game is from Asmodee and doesn’t have any written reviews but does have a score of 2.0, which makes me think there must be some crashing issues. The screenshots look nice but Asmodee keeps me from the insta-buy.

Edit: Asmodee seems to have also released Dream Home and Gang of Four today. Those I know nothing about.


Gang of Four … the card game? That used to be a pretty big deal for Days of Wonder, back when we were all playing browser games and using flip phones. It’s a solid little game.