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That’s too bad. Thanks for the input.



Yeah, the zoom seemed fine for me, but my vision is relatively good, and the resolution of the app on my pixel seems to make good use of the real estate.


Net marble and Wizards have teamed up to announce Magic: Manastrike. It sounds like it is a Clash Royale clone but with the MtG IP. Great. I’ll probably try it, and I’ll probably lose interest after a couple days.

Meanwhile, why is Magic Arena not on iOS? Is Wizards completely fine with the market share they are losing daily?


Krumit’s Tale just hit Early Access on Steam.


Hell, Magic Online never has made it to Mac in like 18 years or whatever.

There’s never been a company that’s understood less about Apple and its users than WotC. The cash they’ve left on the table over the years would fund small countries.


Well, the Diablo IV devs are saying the right things about cross-play across hardware platforms, so hopefully we’ll have one account across platforms, as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

“We’re very excited about cross-play,” says Adham. “There are technical details and details to work through with the first parties, but it’s our goal to get to cross-play.”


They are also saying some of the wrong things. The lead designer has mentioned cosmetic micro transactions. Considering how important to me the way your character constantly evolves looks-wise, I hate the idea that players will be able to pay for their looks. He also dropped the dreaded “auction” word but didn’t go into much detail.


Ugh, the auction house in D3 was one of the worst things to happen to a game in the history of gaming, hands down.


Cosmetic micro transactions are the backbone of Path of Exile‘s free-to-play model, and I don’t feel they hurt the game at all. Granted I don’t expect D4 will be free-to-play…


Oh god, I have been sucked in by Disco Elysium and I never knew I even liked that sort of game.

A combatless RPG with modern sensibilities, yet has a leisure suit Larry adventure game vibe.

Incredible class system with a “thought locker” where you spend as much time on your own psyche / psychology as you do unravelling the mysteries of the world.

I have only just finished the first day, but man, it has amazing complexity and system interplay.

Apparently coming to switch next year, but currently out for PC.


Has anyone played Unhatched - iOS? I saw it whilst searching for Meteorfall in the App Store.

Looks like a clone initially, but there was something else there. Anyone have any experience with it?


I played it a bit, much more of a puzzle game than a card game. Just happens to use cards as the mechanic for solving the puzzles.

Each card has two uses so it fits the tinder-esque swipe left or right to use controls easily like Meteorfall.


Not to gunk up this thread with non-news nonsense but I thought I’d give everyone a heads-up into what’s going on.

First of all, I lost my job in late September. The company I was working for had a “reduction in force” and me and about 20 other people were put on the street. This is why there has been a severe lack of content for the past month+. I’m having a hard time doing anything not related to getting a new job without a wave of guilt, so I’m focusing on that for now.

That said, I have been sending out resumes and whatnot for the past couple weeks now and have a series of interviews lined up. Had a lengthy one down in Chicago last week that went very well (I think…) and have 3 more lined up for this week. So, the tide is turning (hopefully) and, maybe soon, I’ll have the energy and attitude to start writing again. I hope so as the past month+ has put my chronic depression into overdrive.

So, thanks for sticking with us. Right now you guys are the only reason the site is still kicking and I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate being able to log on every day and see conversations still happening.

Thank you!


Wishing you all the best!!


Best of luck! Keep doing the right things. We are all rooting for you!


Good luck, @Neumannium!


Do tell us what you can about the interviews.

Do any of them feature “creative questions” like … what would you do if you were cast adrift on a frying pan with only a courgette and a wistful expression? Or what is the easiest way to empty an auditorium without involving anybody in uniform?


I’m beginning to think you were the one interviewing me… come to think of it, his first name was Rob. Hmm…


We’re hiring, but you’d have to relocate to NJ… Plus, I’m pretty sure if you haven’t wanted this job so far, you don’t want it now.