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Maybe it’s cause I’m playing on easy, but I didn’t have the option to upgrade to pikes on this campaign until about 10 or so rounds in, after picking up my sixth (?) commander. I’m thinking that’s a Jotunn Edition change—hadn’t seen that when playing on my Switch a while ago.


No Idea I’m afraid. I played Bad North on PC launch, and now have been playing on my Android phone and Pikes were both there from the start as an upgrade option AFAIR.

Just got Michael’s review in for BN on PT tho - seems his experience was quite buggy too, which is interesting. Wonder if it’s just an iOS build thing?


Gwent is out for iOS now. I know it has been available on PC for some time but the stand-alone game is new to me, and I only have a passing familiarity with the game-within-a-game Witcher version.

As with most digital CCGs, I’ve downloaded this one to at least give it a chance. First impressions are good. Presentation is what you would expect from a high-end CCG. The art and presentation reminds me more of Elder Scrolls: Legends than any other game. I tried the game on my iPhone and while not impossible, there is a lot of information, mainly on the cards, that you will need to pull up as it isn’t immediately clear on the screen. iPad might be different.

As for gameplay, I like that the game does something different than the “reduce opponent’s life to zero” mechanic. In short, you are playing cards or different values into two rows. Players may pass and end their turn early, saving cards for later rounds. There is a bit of a bluffing game going on. Whoever has the highest value wins the round and game is over when one player has won three rounds. Cards all have abilities and interact with one another in different ways.

So far, so good. My CCG of choice right now is Mythgard, but Gwent will likely steal my time.


I saw that review and was a bit surprised–the game’s running smoothly on my iPhone.


Gwent is totally mental.


2 questions @TheDukester :

  1. Is that good or bad?
  2. If it’s good, why? I’m bouncing off of it pretty hard, and I’m curious what people are seeing.


I just like saying “mental” for anything that’s different.

I’m digging Gwent, although I’m hitting that common CCG frustration of now playing bros who seem to have all the good stuff.

Things I like:

  1. The app itself is great;
  2. The rewards seem fairly generous;
  3. The gameplay is new to me. It’s weird to literally not attack in a card game … weird, but interesting;
  4. The 2-of-3 format for matches is a challenging tactical puzzle;
  5. The web site has some amazing features like easy deck import, strategy videos, etc.

I was playing pretty hard for a couple of days, but I’ve slowed down a bit. Overall, I’m impressed, but I’m rapidly approaching the point of either needing to commit to success on the ladder or just messing around as a casual. I’m debating the merits of each.


Gwent is totally mental.

is totally GWENTAL.

I’ll get me coat…


Thanks for the feedback. The game sounds cool enough that I’m tempted to try it and see if I hate it less than I eventually hate most CCGs.


It has long been rumored but Diablo 4 was just announced.


Yes, Diablo IV announced for PC, PS4, Xbox One but no word yet if it will be one account linked between platforms, or if there will be cross-platform grouping.


Man, you can say whatever you like about Blizzard, but they make trailers like no others…

…also my favourite class form D2 makes a comeback…me like!


Yes! The Druid was great! If also love to see a return of the Assassin. That combo-based combat was fun!


Cross-platform would be nice. So would a Switch edition. The gameplay trailer didn’t look much different graphically from Diablo 3, so maybe they could do it.

I did irk me that my PC, PS4, and Switch accounts were all different. Having a character I could play from whatever system I happened to be on would be great!


I bet it won’t even do cross-platform between PS4 and PS5.


You may be right, the Blizzard organization and devs have not been enjoying, as of late, a lot of press and warm feelings about their “non-arrogance”. :confused:

However, the expectations at large seem to be undergoing a shift, which I support. One of my disappointments with the Diablo III ports to consoles was that the accounts were separate, cosmetics and pets were not shared, let alone gear and character progression.

Fortnite broke that old mold apart, “older” games like Destiny 2 (2017) are patching in “cross-save” (2019) to enable single account progression across multiple hardware platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One). Newer games like Dauntless (2019) release with cross-play grouping across all three platforms, as well as a single account progression across all three.

I understand that the issue had been raised with Diablo III, so the devs have no excuse not to recognize that the expectations are out there for Diablo IV, IMHO.


I still haven’t heard anything about how 7 Wonders Duel works online, but it looks as though @Zebracadabra gave it a 1-star review on the ap store and called it a visual nightmare.


Don’t waste your money. No zoom, just horrible. Bear in mind my eyes could be better but this was the worst $5 I’ve ever spent.


In case you haven’t seen it, the developer did respond to you and say that there is a zoom if you hold your finger on the card for 1 second. I don’t have the game so I can’t confirm but maybe that might solve one of your issues?


The so-called “zoom” increases the size of the card about 2x when it could increase it maybe 6-8x. At 2x it is still way too small for me. Ergonomically ridiculous. There is so much real estate to increase it to be seen by those like me! Crazy, really. And for them to say that’s an adequate zoom? Holy Moley.