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Great find! I have the physical and digital version of this, and it’s worth it for the art alone. The map that goes with this is also free today, it would appear.


Xenowerk Tactics, by the highly regarded Pixelbite, is out for iOS. While it is RTS, I understand you can pause to issue orders, and I do love the look. $6.99 with no ads or IAP … the price sounds fair, to me, but I recently counted that I have 39 games on my “to be played” list, so I need to show some restraint and wait for trusted feedback. *heavy sigh :neutral_face:


If you haven’t seen it already, Ticket to Earth has updated with its final chapter. I’ve been playing it and have to say it is just as good as the previous 3 chapters. It has a great story and reasonably challenging gameplay.

I’ll mention I bought this on a whim thinking I wouldn’t care for the gameplay but found it a lot of fun. If you haven’t picked this up I think it is worth it.

They haven’t increased the price ($3.99, or maybe it is on sale) despite slowly adding content and you can play on both iPhone and iPad.

Ticket to Earth just released


Bad North is out for iOS and Android -


Any other opinions on the rogue lite nature if this game? I played through it once (got to the final fight) but then had no desire to play through again. It seemed a bit lite in the rogue lite department.


I think it’s mainly the fact that there’s perma-death amongst your squads, and the way you can upgrade them and the loot you find is different each run. Probably not ‘true’ rogue-lite, but close enough?


Disco Elysium is very very good. If you were partial to CRPGs in the vein of Planescape Torment or Sanitarium, it will very much be your cup of tea.




my appleTV upgraded to TVOS 13 and i can play all appleTV games with my PS4 controller(s) now.

eg playing Skyforce Reloaded on the big screen is a blast. literally :grin:



This reminds me of an incredibly stripped down Hand of Fate.


7 Wonders Duel is out for iOS and Android.


Nice find! It seems to have online but I’m guessing it isn’t asynchronous. If anyone buys it can they fill us in?


I’ve seen no mention of whether or not it has async. Really hoping it does, this game is fantastic.


The GameClub service that he left to work with has officially launched: GameClub Officially Launches with More than 50 Classic Mobile Games and New Games Coming Every Week

Their app does sound cool, but what really caught my eye was the fact that:

As an awesome bonus, if you’ve previously paid for any of the games in the GameClub library then you’ll be able to download their updated versions for free whether you subscribe to the service or not.

That’s amazing, if they are indeed able to not only resurrect old classics, but also hand out the updated versions for free to owners of the previous versions! :sunglasses:


I can confirm that it’s the case. I bought multiple games there, and they all fully unlocked as soon as I opened them up.


Bought it but cannot confirm - I haven’t been able to play online. I tried but most of the times I couldn’t find a game, auto-created one and got stuck waiting for an opponent; a couple of times I got to join a game but the app crashed before the match started. iPhone 11 Pro and iPad 2018. I guess there are some issues server side. Anyone else has got any different experience?
Apart from this the game looks like a well done rendition of the tabletop experience. Played the tutorial and a couple of AI games.


Finally bought and played. Awesome butter-smooth UI, with just enough minor tweaks from the PC version. It looks excellent. I still suck and get wiped out at the first island with the Brutes, however, so the difficulty step is still there. I might have to play on easy…


No shame in that—I lost on the third island in my first run (sent an army to heal at an inopportune time) and immediately switched to easy for my next run.

One potentially dumb question: where are the pikes? I can only upgrade troops to infantry or archers.


They’re there - I’ve done a couple of runs and always had pike units. Pikes are the best counter to brutes, in case people didn’t know. The only thing I don’t know how to deal with is Brute Arches. God those guys are redoink.