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Seems like a digital version of Quacks of Quedinburg is coming!


Maybe I’m reading too much into it - maybe all they’ve done so far is an app icon mock-up - but something about that Tweet makes the game sound like it is coming sooner rather than later (or never, in the case of Asmodee…).


Apparently they teased they were doing it a while back, so I’d imagine this is closer to being done than not.


Lock’s Quest just released on iOS and Android. It was originally a Nintendo DS game but has shown up on other systems since then. It is a mix of tower defense and action RPG and I remember having a good time with it back when I played.


Steam sale on Asmodee boardgames this weekend. Some decent discounts on some decent games here.


Dire Wolf Digital have announced a Steam Early Access release for Yellow & Yangtze next week. No mention of mobile but Eternal & Raiders are on both Steam & mobile so some hope is reasonable.

I love Tigris & Euphrates but have never played Yellow & Yangtze. Do you know … is it really a better game?


I tend to get more excited for a board game based on the developer these days than the actual game. Dire Wolf made a great app with Raiders and I’ll likely buy whatever the release next just because I have an expectation as to the quality. They just need to add a notification sound - what a bizarre thing to keep out of the app.


Aeon’s End by Handelabra is out now on iOS for iPad and android tablet.


Just to add to that, it’s exactly what you would expect from Handelabra. iPad-only (for now?) and $10, though on sale at the moment for $9.


Bad North is (finally) releasing for iOS on October 15th, according to TA; up for preorder now at $4.99. I played the demo on Switch and had some fun with it, although I did feel that it’d get more playtime on my phone than on the Switch.

eta: looks like it’s universal on iOS, and also releasing for Android users on that same date. No idea if it’s for Android phones and tablets or just one, because Apple.


Oh nice, I’ve had my eye on this for ages. I should try the demo on Switch!


I saw on reddit that Coffee Roaster has been out for a bit on iOS and Android.


Haven’t picked it up yet, but I also didn’t see it land on Google Play until today.


This is newsworthy! Asmodee actually updated an app! Just in time for the coming winter, Asmodee removed the 10-month-old winter theme from Splendor. I presume they have also fixed the game so that the Spiel Des Jahres-nominated game is finally actually playable for the first time in almost a year, but I’m out and about and can’t check it right now. Please read this post with as much sarcasm as I posted it…

I’m not on good emotional terms with Asmodee.


Wholly wow. I was not expected that update. Nearly a year of being totally unplayable on X devices all the while still remaining for sale on the AppStore. That was atrocious. But still…good on them for updating, I guess.


Really wish this had the original art. This new edition lacks the character that appealed to me with the original Saashi & Saashi edition. I’ll likely be buying the app regardless as it’s a great game so I can play on the go and play with the art I like at home.


To which game are you referring?


Coffee Roaster, which is a great solo game. The DLP Games edition (which is the art they are using for the western release) opts for a more “realistic” art style which is dull to me compared to the more colourful original Saashi & Saashi art.


I remember Armajet getting some praise around here. It has officially released as of today. I’m going to try it out on iOS.


For any who may be into tabletop RPGs, Tales from the Loop is free on DriveThruRPG today.