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Thank you for sacrificing your time so the rest of us could avoid this mistake.


I was hoping the Paradox name would mean something, but I guess not. Isn’t it telling when you play a free “game” and still somehow feel ripped off?

I haven’t done a study or anything, but it seems like the fifth level is a common wall in many F2P games.

First level: ridiculously easy
Second-third levels: easy
Fourth level: first challenge, but very beatable
Fifth level: give us money

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You may not have done a study, but someone somewhere has done a study. These games are designed to prey on our psychology and someone somewhere has figured out the prefect difficulty curve to hook users then take money.


I used to be in management at Publishers Clearing House…no need for a study based on Psychology at all. It is all just A/B testing. Always on testing and segmentation. All creative, offers, etc fatigue eventually, so always test against the control.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tale just launched seemingly out of nowhere on iOS today. I dint know much about it but is seems as though it is an RPG campaign using the Gwent cardplay for combat? I do know that it is by a quality developer, was originally a PC game, and costs $9.99 on iOS. That’s a little too steep for an impulse buy for me, but this goes on my wish list for sure. Does anyone have any experience with the game?

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Many Gwent players race about it. But I don’t know how much of that is from already liking the setting and/or already being good at Gwent.

Color me a bit surprised. I just assumed that one would stay PC-only.

They also “rave” about it, I’m told …


Gwent raves are totally off the hook. Glow-stick swords and tabs on little cards, it’s wild.

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I am actually leaning more and more towards buying it. I like the idea of self-contained CCGs where I don’t need to feel the pressure to play constantly just to earn in-game currency just to be competitive (or, conversely, pay real money). I appreciate games like Card City Nights, Lost Portal, etc. for this reason. I don’t play Gwent because I play Legends of Runeterra. Thronebreaker may give me a reason to play Gwent.

Humble Bundle has an awesome Warhammer 40k Bundle…well awesome for anyone who hasn’t purchased most of them already cough

The digital version of Gloom is available on iOS. I don’t even know if it is a new release or not and I’m not really all that interested, but it is a tabletop game so there may be interest here.

Preorders are live for the mobile version of Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale, the followup to Meteorfall: Journeys:

Krumit’s Tale has been available on Steam for a while, moving out of Early Access last week, while the mobile beta started a couple of weeks ago. Love the game and it’s great on mobile, so I’ll gladly pay for it as soon as it’s officially out in a few weeks.

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Does anyone know anything about the board game Street Masters? There appears to be an iOS version of it.

Never heard of it, but the screenshots looks nifty

Yeah, and some comments on the BGG boards sound promising. I’ll have to watch a review of the game or something because I’m certainly intrigued, but $9.99 is a big ask for something I know nothing about.

Never heard of it but it does sound interesting. One review here:

I’m sure there’s other reviews about as well. I’m very tempted based on what I’m seeing/reading.

Anyone have a go at this one yet? I am going to grab an iTunes card tonight I think

The latest Roll For The Galaxy did a big reset for me … I seemed to have no games or friends (ah). I went to Online Account and entered my email as registered with Temple Gates, entered the Verification Code, left the app. On return my friends and games were back.

If you have been cast adrift by the update then try that …

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Alrighty, I grabbed it after reading it was similar in vibe to Sentinels of the Muktiverse.

Three missions in, and I like it. Smooth, but complex. I don’t think I understand everything or realise the mastery component, but it’s fun!