Star Realms

I swear to the Flying Spaghetti Monster…I hate this game!!!

Anyone over like level 7 is cheating with multiple accounts if you ask me :slight_smile:

I just got a game down to where I was at like 11 life + 10 more in base shields and I could see the max he could possibly do to me on the next turn was like 14. I finish my turn with him at like 7 life and I am starting a new deck. I have only 3 scouts left in my deck and for the most part, the only way I can not kill him in the next turn is if I draw all 3 scouts out of 15 cards.

Guess what…scout, scout, scout are the first three cards drawn. Literally was only able to get him to 1 on my next turn and had nothing in my deck left to draw that was not at least 1 damage. So any scout being anything else and I won.


Ok, back to playing it some more.


I despise that game, for exactly the reasons you said. I always feel like just when I get an engine going, I lose by 50 some odd points…

I haven’t played the game in a while, but I absolutely love it. I’ve definitely been screwed by the RNG occasionally and hit a really tough patch when I first got over level 5. However, I’ve had a decent amount of success since then.

I’m on a long Star Realms break … and, frankly, have no desire at all to play.

There’s something about the combo-heavy nature of it. Winning feels okay, but losing just feels too frustrating.

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Big star realms fan. Never got any of the expansion but play the base game often. Love building up the big combos!

have you played Cthulhu Realms from the same development team?
building up big combos in that one too.
and you could join two SP events just now.

The King in Yellow Challenge
Cthulhu Realms Double Elim Tournament

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Thanks - I picked that one up but haven’t explored it yet. Will have a look over the w/e.

Recently I have gotten involved in the Star Realms fan page on Facebook that has a thriving community. I have been in some huge tournaments already from it and learning a lot. I highly recommend the group if you play SR.


@geigerm Bah, hate having matchup in Sunday Casual so early on against another from here.

Also, if you like Star Realms, and you like King of the Hill style ongoing tournaments, I highly recommend:

@kennfusion This is my first Sunday Casual–I found the page through your previous post. I was kind of happy to see a familiar face in the tourney.

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Star Realms will be updating the app this week and releasing the Colony Wars expansion

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Important update thing … games in progress will be wiped at end of May 16 …


let me guess…Colony Wars celebration tourney upcoming?


I played a fair bit of star realms when It first came out, but I left before the expansions starting appearing. Does anyone have any advice on which expansions to buy? Im mostly interested in what combination is popular in the real time scene, but I wouldnt mind being able to play async as well.

As there are a number of expansions I got a bit of sticker shock when I looked into getting up to date. Im sure if I ease myself back into the game with a couple of smaller purchases then I will end up buying the lot eventually.

I believe the next one “Colony Wars” which releases in 2 days is worth it, as it is a full blown Set like the ones in Ascension, not like the Crisis: Expansions which are a glorified promo-deck if we want to draw comparisons again with Ascension.

To the worth of the mini-expansions:

Gambits: not liked much in a tournament setting, but aside from that the most value for money (most new cards included (gambits + all promo Cards Year 1)
Gambits are dealt at start randomly to players and can be used either one time only, while some have a lasting effect.
Spice things up really good, but can be a bit unfair to what gambits you are dealt. But against AI or non-tournament games they are great

Crisis: Several subsets sold and implemented seperately

Crisis: Fleets & Fortresses and Crisis: Bases & Battleships:
More of the same, no new mechanics

Crisis: Heroes
Something like “purchaseable gambits” Heroes can be purchased like bases and put directly in play and have a one-time use effect when scrapping them

Crisis: Events
Cards which are in the Purchase deck and have random effects which are dealt the moment they are unveiled by purchasing cards

if you only want to get One go for Gambits. if you want some more go for Events and Heroes next. I like B&b and F&F but they bring the least new stuff to the table. But I would over time get all of them. You can individually enable them much like in Ascension.

For example my longtime opponent/nemesis @kennfusion and I are playing concurrent games with everything enabled aside from gambits. Its fun I believe.

More detailed info here

Speaking of which, now I knew why you didn’t challenge me again after our last match. I was puzzled by the missing rematch request, now I know whats up…



You bet! Going to organize something right now…+

Also my newsletter says about a Star Realms kickstarter this Summer? More Star Realms? Fine by me!

Yeah, it’s really weird as I generally keep 42 games going at all times, yours as one of those. But have been clearing them out all day yesterday. Only have 15 active games right now…it’s very odd. Trying to get them all complete though.

Need to ramp up my games as well…I am down from a dozen concurrent PT/SP Games to ours. Earlier I had around 30 games.
I blame SR 48hr timer…which sometimes screws me up badly.

But I need to get some games going again with Colony Wars coming should be easy.
Also I read up on the paperback Expansions which are already out.
Cosmic Gambit (Gambit 2.0) is more of the same but the Unity Expansions seem to be very nice (think multicolor/faction cards in Ascension) only bad taste is that they are also split into 4 mini decks sold individually…

I hope they ramp up their app development cycle and hope thsese sets find their way into the app well before the entropy caused death of the universe…

In addition to our SP tournament that @Private_Prinny has been so kind to organize, if you are looking for more Colony Wars tournaments, there is one with prizes from the Facebook Fan Page this weekend also.