Star Realms


After playing 30 games with Colony Wars (pure) and about a dozen games with mixed sets and/or miniexpansions I have to say I really like the Colony Wars set.

I like it in its purest forme the most. While I think Gambits and Crisis helped the Core Game a lot I think I will stick with pure Colony Wars games from here on for a while…and am exited for the Crisis 2.0 miniexpansions and even for the Multicolor Set UNITY for when it comes around to be releases digitally…or would be but for the glacial release pace they have right now I might have to ask my great-great grandchildren about it…


I think W-BF is my favorite format right now. But I also have been having fun with VW-All.


errr…where to find an explanation about the formats you are talking about?


W = Colony Wars
All of the rest are directly from the app.

Essentially the online community has adopted the code system for your base as either V, W or VW then what expansions you are playing with. So VW-BF is Vanilla, Colony Wars, Bases, Fleets


I’ve been having a lot of fun with VW, no expansions. I do really enjoy CW, though. Really breathed a lot of life into the app for me.


Note, that yesterday’s expansion creates different versions of the game, so if you have updated the app, you cannot finish games that were already in progress. I had about a dozen games in progress all gone.


@kennfusion I missed Sunday Casual 40, which means you and I have been matched up in the first round in the first two Sunday Casuals I’ve played. Weird coincidence.


@geigerm actually that was 2nd round last time…but still the odds that we would be near each other on the chart should be kind of long.


Oh, right–I lucked into a first round bye in 39.


Less than one day in the most recent Star Realms Kickstarter (Frontier set)

Against my better knowledge (I cannot play physical games all that often, some of my physical Ascension Expansion boxes are still shrink wrapped) I went (all) in.
I am really a sucker for those stretch goal hooks…

As they are runing a extreme successful KS campaign (nearly 1 million for a 100k goal) I really really hope some of the funds are going into the digital team and we get the Colony Wars MiniExpansion Stuff and the Frontier Stuff before the end of the universe in digital form…


Yeah, I have never even seen the physical cards…but I went all in also. Pledging enough for all of the cards in this new set and all of the cards from the old sets in the add-on.


New expansion out today. $3.99 for Cosmic Gambits and Year 2 Promos.


Trying to get the some opinions here.

The New Expansions are Gambits again…with past experience about gambits and tournament settings…is there some interest in a new Tournament with Gambits enabled?

Maybe a pure gambit tournament with Colony Wars, Gambits and Comsic Gambits only?

Or the same as above but including year 1 and 2 promos?


Some of the new gambits are great, and I am finding that with both sets of gambits in a game, overall it seems to be less of a chance of things being totally lopsided.

Personally, if I had a preference, there would be no year 1 promos, especially with only Colony Wars, the Ark will dominate the tournament. I might suggest for a fun tournament that lets new sets shine, but is more balanced is W-GHC2


Saw this after I posted my reply in the other thread.

I agree with @kennfusion

That would be a fun tournament, I think.


Frontiers available to test in the Test Flight beta app on iOS and somehow on Android, but not sure how there.

Link for iOS: