Sky Force Reloaded High Score & Tournament Competition


I just got started with the game. 41 68 05 13


depends on the level.
i always had the same feeling that Octopus might be the best ship,
but in later levels i got to appreciate the Enforcer’s point blank firepower to get rid of nasty flying objects and ground cannons as fast as possible, esp in combination with the main weapon supercharge.


After blowing myself up with supercharge once by charging too long, I haven’t used it again.


I’m obviously missing something in the scoring system. I’ve gotten 100% everything on stage 1 insane, and I’m still a half million short of @Snotty128’s score. What’s the trick?


I dont remember exactly, but Im sure my score is far from perfect on insane. I doubt I got 100% stars, but maybe I did.

I assume youve got all 4 medals on insane to bring the multiplier up to 20x, but then you need to fulfil those criteria on a run to get the +5000 bonus for each medal.

Theres also a 10% score bonus for finishing the deck.

After all thats said and done, there is still an element of randomness with the crates sometimes dropping points and sometimes dropping stars.


robthomasson and me have been puzzled by your level 1 score since long too.
i have just completed a perfect run again run to show it.
what could be done better? shooting all enemies, collecting all stars etc.
still 400k difference. that’s a LOT for such an elementary level.
nearly 33% more to go.
even another 10% bonus would be like nothing.
really, we did some brainstorming but could find no solution.
so many points won’t fit into no chest, no matter how big :smirk:

but you mentioned a x20 multiplier? how to get it?
and i’m still missing the last copilot.
so maybe he comes along with a x5 multiplier or a +33% score bonus?


another idea:
did you deliver a cargo chest for a massive point bonus in your record run?


Ah man, if youre getting these scores now, then im gonna get smoked when I tell you this…

Theres another difficulty level, called nightmare, which I think unlocks after you beat level 13.

Its always irritated me when long term players say ‘the real game really starts when you hit the level cap’ but thats what I feel about nightmare mode. I know the game well but still cant figure out how to even survive some levels.

Now whats this you say about cargo deliverys for higher scores? :slight_smile:


every now and then a cargo chest appears in the level overview.
you must pick it up with the magnet and tow it to the end of the level to drop it on a marked platform.
can contain a ship part, a permanent or time limited card, stars or points (?). not sure about points though.

wow! Nightmare Level and x20 multiplier :flushed:
now we know :open_mouth:
a bit frightening though…
later insane levels seem like tough enough for my taste.
and the endboss of level 13 is a beast. could not beat him yet.


Phew, just unlocked nightmare. And it is… uhm… so much… fun? :sweat_smile:


… and as a hint: Better get all cards before you open nightmare. Now I have to collect my last 2 cards in nightmare stages (at least the radar found one in nightmare stages 2 times) :weary:


Just started out. Any tips on getting those permanent cards?
Just use radar and play the level?


I wouldn’t waste money on the radar until you have most if not all of your upgrades maxxed out.


I’m something like 12 cards short of a full deck, so I’m not seeing that happening anytime soon…

I guess I’ll have to push for Nightmare mode then! I’ve gotten close, but the last couple runs on Stage 13 had the boss being more difficult. I’m guessing there’s different stuff showing up during the boss fight depending on what you leave alive earlier in the stage?


but be cautious about pushing for Nightmare mode.
you really should have all cards before you unlock Nightmare.
see Holsten’s post above. he is in serious trouble now :flushed:


a word of WARNING:

since i have installed the new update 1.67 (Dec 2), the game keeps crashing at end of loading!
now i’m hoping for a quick fix.
is it only me?


I am also loading then crashing since the patch


:tired_face: :sob:

and it’s tournament time now…


I did a delete and reinstall which fixed it. It kept all my power ups, but deleted all my unspent stars. I only lost 60,000 stars, but I would be pretty bummed if I had lost the 250,000 required to buy the new avatars.


i have a bunch of unspent stars in my treasue chest, which i don’t want to lose.
i will wait on for a hotfix.
but i’m a bit worried because this bug is not mentioned in their forum nor on their facebook account. no single word.