Sky Force Reloaded High Score & Tournament Competition

i have been playing SFR for about 2 months now and so can confirm this game has amazing staying power.
it’s maybe the best Shmup in appstore with great touch controls and not too crowded screens.

@robthomasson and me are exchanging volleys in weekend tournaments and are fighting for highscores in levels, and i noticed how much this is extending the fun.

since the last update SFR offers an option to add new friends by exchanging ID code, so outmaneuvering the dead GC friendslists.

i invite all action game interested StP’ers to join us and to add me as friend.
my ID: 20 27 88 70

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Thats a great find. I assume its still worth playing without a controller?

No controller needed. One finger … or stylus …

My ID is 00 16 98 60.

Add me and weep.

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Apple Pencil feels almost like cheating when playing SFR and Phoenix II.

It looks like Im already friends with you 3. Im not having a great deal of luck in tournament mode though. Maybe I’ll win next weekend!

Oh. I don’t see you in my friends list Snotty. Or in my list of tournament scores.

If you tell us your SFR ID then I will try adding you …

Im 01 55 29 44 on sky force reloaded

I was last in the tourney…

And then I unlocked the enforcer.

Gotcha. It’s like credit card numbers, they show you them with spaces but then don’t accept them unless you enter them without any spaces. When they could strip out the spaces without breaking a sweat.

Anyway … nice tournament score. Nice, but annoying :open_mouth:

You gave me quite the hill to climb Rob, but I got there in the end! Maybe I can put the ipad down now.

Just installed, I’m 21594850.

First off … amazing! I am pretty sure you were at 17m when I added you as a friend. So getting to 21m in half a day is some strong achievement.

Second off … so much for putting the iPad down as you are now at 24m. Incredible! Actually, beyond my understanding … congratulations!

Thanks! Im amazed too at how far my score has come in a day. At the start of the day I could barely keep up with JammaTal in the tourney, and then I unlocked the enforcer and jumped to 1st on its very first outing. I had been dumping all my stars into my main cannon as my strategy, then the enforcer multiplied that.

I started to run through all the missions again with my powerful new gun, and I unlocked another ship by chance. I dont want to spoil anything, but it let me build a lucky combo that had an upgrade dropping at virtually every run. I only had a few upgrade cards at that point, but within a few hours I had nearly completed the deck.

Thats two massive power spikes in a very short space of time.

In the interests of full disclosure, I did buy the star doubler early on as the price was right and I knew I was going to enjoy the game. I also bought stars once, the first time I got the rapid upgrade temporary card. That let me put about 5 pips in my main gun, and ‘saved’ me half a day. I dont think Ive ‘paid to win’ by paying for just these 2 things though.

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My ID: 80689960 :relaxed:
Just started with the game

I’ve been playing a lot of Bullet Hell Monday recently and decided to give this game a try. I’m nowhere near competitive yet, but it’s a big change for me coming from BHM. I miss my tiny hitbox, damn it! Any recommendations for upgrade paths? Still banging my head against the second mission here.

If you can get the bullet avoidance down you should focus on the main gun and try to get at least a couple in magnets as quick as possible, that’ll get a better flow of star income if you’re not going to pick up the star doubler early on (I would if it seems like your kinda game).

I’m mostly buying main cannon, magnets, and missiles.

The wing cannon is very useful for finishing off turrets once you get its rhythm down.

I didnt find much use for the special powers early on, but your milage might vary.

I would agree with halfvoid that main cannon should be a priority. Once the bar is full you get a second main cannon, and a little bit of bullet spread.

I just wanted to share a proud daddy moment with you all, as this is the first adult game my 3 year old can properly play. Normally theres some kind of ‘complicated’ touch control he just doesnt get, or he gets lost in the menus.

Ive had to disable the adverts, as they are purposefully difficult to navigate, but other than that he can launch the game, launch the level, and restart when he wins.

Of course he doesnt play in a way any adult would, instead he likes to ‘mash’ his plane into the bad guys, literally ramming to death any enemy he finds, with the missiles mopping up the rest. He is starting to learn to hang back and shoot the bosses (he loves the bosses) so hopefully I can encourage that behaviour throughout the level.

I even learnt a trick from him on level 3, when the helicopters bring the new turret for the tank. Once they have dropped the turret they become vulnerable and are worth a lot of points if you can take them out.

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New Tournament is go!

My first one so far, do they always look this Tron like, or do they have a different alternative aesthetic each time.

Not that I mind, I love this look.

totally different settings for all 3 tournaments i have played so far.
very nice touch.